Vanessa Valladares is a famous Australian model. She is a rumored girlfriend of an American "High School Musical " star Zac Efron. 25 years an Australian model is from New South Wales, Australia. Being a model is her passion from her childhood, she started her career as a model in 2014, when she was 19 years old. She has worked with several brands of Australia, Spell, Of The Sun, and Love street and with International brand RVCA. Besides modeling, she worked as a waitress at a cafe and general store in Byron Bay.

Biography of Vanessa Valladares

Vanessa Valladares and Zac Efron's Dating Rumors

According to the reporter, Vanessa met Zac at the cafe where she worked as a waitress in a cafe and general store in Byron Bay. They met each other earlier in summer and started hanging out in July. She moved with Efron at his Belongil Beach house after three months. The couple was captured in a photo holding hands together in Byron Bay outing and spotted enjoying a ski trip together. Seems like a newly made couple is having fun. The source said that Vanessa quit her job at Byron Bay's cafe to spend more time with Efron, however, Efron had to fly back to the US last month but he canceled his flight and extended his visa to twelve months to be in Australia, as his visa for Australia was only for three months it seems like he also wants to spend more time with Vanessa.

Here, facts you need to know about Zac Efron's New Girlfriend, Vanessa Valladares

1. Where did Efron meet Vanessa 

According to the source Efron spotted at the general store cafe where Vanessa was worked as a waitress. Therefore it is said that they met for the first time at that local cafe.

2. Vanessa is an Australian model

There are many stylish professionals and natural pictures on her Instagram. She is stunning and confident in front of the camera. She has worked as a model for clothing brands such as Love St, Spell, and Rove Byron Bay and RVCA an International brand.

3. She loves traveling

Through her Instagram posts, it is clear that she loves traveling. She has traveled to many places in Australia and countries India and Indonesia. On March 26 she had planned for a trip to Africa and due to COVID 19 pandemic, she had to cancel her trip. She has shared her picture of an outing at the beach , grand vista, and skies,  pictures of Surfing with Efron, she has posted a picture holding a surfboard at Tallow Beach with Captioned "Salty mist in the air & sneaky blue bottle stings from the ocean ".

4. She is Spiritual

In her Instagram post basically her captions are focused on meditation and connected t the world. She captioned " from what perspective are you looking at the have the power to make this life a wonderful adventure. " Like that in her another Instagram captioned is " Hear the jazz playing and the birds wake, let the rising sun soak the room and we'll seize the day." another she wrote on her Instagram  " The outback calling on my inner explorer Red earth leaving a smile on my heart. "

5. Finds her on Instagram

Vanessa has 30k followers on her Instagram. You can find her on Instagram as " -is-ness".She has posted 90 photos on her Instagram and her first post was in 2015.