Canada's Ethan Katzberg wins hammer throw gold medal at World Athletics Championships. The youngest men’s Hammer Throw champion ever - Ethan Katzberg

Ethan Katzberg is known as the youngest men’s hammer throw world champion. Ethan Katzberg is a hammer thrower record holder. Canadian Hammer thrower wins a gold medal at the world athletics championships at the age of 21.

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Ethan Katzberg Biography - Parents & Early Career 

Ethan Katzberg was born on April 5, 2002, in Nanaimo, British Columbia. His parents are Bernie and Coralee Katzberg.

Ethan Katzberg started throwing hammers at the age of 14 after watching his father, Bernie coaching his sister, Jessica in the event, thinking it may look fun. He initially trained at the Nanaimo Track and field club. He moved to Kamloops to be trained by the new coach Dylan Armstrong, a former Olympic shot-out medalist. 

Career - Hammer Thrower

Ethan Katzberg of Canada attempts in the men’s hammer throw final during the world athletics. Championship in Budapest, Hungary, Sunday, Aug 20, 2023. He was the first Canadian man to reach the podium in the hammer at World. He set the Canadian record with a throw 0f 81.25 meters in his fifth attempt. When he was in Kamloops, there he was trained by the new coach Dylan Armstrong. He was so impressed by his passion and interest in hammer throwing. He won the hammer throw event at the 2022 where he received a silver medal.  Competing in his first world championship in Budapest he qualified for the finals with the best throw and national records of 81.18m.

Ethan Katzberg is coached by Olympic medalist Dylan Armstrong. Katzberg move to Kamloops after high school to train under Armstrong, who won two Olympic medals In the hammer throw. Katzberg is now the youngest ever man who did record the hammer throw in the history of the event. 

Ethan Katzberg wins gold in the hammer throw at world championships

Ethan Katzberg is known to be the youngest ever men’s hammer throws world champion. He became the youngest medalist in the history of the events, and the first Canadian man to reach the podium in the events at the world championship. 

He is the first Canadian man to reach the podium in the events at the worlds records Championship. He is just 21 age and has become the youngest of the 12 men in the hammer throw final more than a year. He started throwing a hammer seven years’ years ago, after watching his father coaching his sister on the spot. He beat out five times world champion Pawel Fajdek, Tokyo 2020 medalist. He also claims that Kamloops a shout-out as a part of his success. 

Ethan Katzberg Height: How tall is Ethan Katzberg?

Ethan Katzberg is with the height of 198 cm (6ft 6 in) feet tall and  107 kg (236 lb) weight.