21-year-old Kit Clementine Keenan is the daughter of fashion designer Cynthia Rowley and interior designer Bill Keenan. She was born in New Yorker. She also lives with her parents "in the heart of the West Village".

Kit Keenan is one of the contestants on the 25th season of The Bachelor. She doesn’t need the Bachelor's to raise her. She earns more than 59k followers for her Healthy Recipes, Workout Routines, and many more.

1. Kit Keenan is the Daughter of Designer Cynthia Rowley and Sculptor William Keena Jr.

2. Kit Keenan is Cohosting a podcast called Ageless with her mother

3. Kit Keenan is the youngest contestant on Matt's season 25th of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor Season 25

Source: releasedate.me

4. She looks like The Queen's Gambit Star Anya Tylor-Joy.

5. She loves to Surf - can surf in high heels.

6. She posts her Workout Routines to inspire her followers.