Aric Jones, known as the best friend (BFF) of Travis Kelce, the accomplished American football tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs in the National Football League (NFL), has recently gained attention for his association with Taylor Swift. As the boyfriend of the globally renowned singer, Travis Kelce; his best friend Aric Jones has been spotted at Kansas City Chiefs games with Swift. 

Who is Aric Jones?

Aric Jones, not just a friend but a long-time companion of Travis Kelce, shares a history that predates their adulthood. Their friendship transitioned into cohabitation during their 20s when Kelce invited Jones to share his home. Recalling the moment, Jones shared with Vanity Fair in July that Kelce simply sent him a photo of a bedroom, signaling that a place was ready for him. 

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Recently, Aric Jones made headlines on December 10 when he was spotted hugging Taylor Swift in the Kansas City Chiefs' suite during a game against the Buffalo Bills. Despite the Chiefs' loss, a fan video captured the apparent joy shared by Jones and Swift in the box before the Grammy winner joined Kelce for a festive night out with friends. 

Aric Jones spotted with singer, Taylor Swift

5 Things to Know About Travis Kelce’s BFF, Aric Jones

Aric Jones is known as the best friend (BFF) of Travis Kelce. Discuss things  about Aric Jones

1. Aric Jones is a friend of Travis Kelce from childhood

Aric Jones and Travis Kelce share a friendship that traces back to their childhood in Ohio. Forming a bond as young kids, Kelce reflected on their enduring connection in an interview with Vanity Fair in July, highlighting the comfort that comes with having familiar faces from one's formative years. According to Kelce, their friend group, which also included now-personal chef Kumar Ferguson, has been a constant presence since the age of five or six, creating an environment where authenticity is effortless. Jones, in turn, characterized Kelce as "the larger-than-life white kid that's always hung out with the Black kids".

2. Aric graduated from Tennessee State University

Aric Jones earned his bachelor's degree in mass communication and media studies from Tennessee State University in 2014. Demonstrating his commitment to education, Jones completed his academic journey at the university, equipping himself with the knowledge and skills in mass communication and media studies that would contribute to his future endeavors.

3. He played football at Cleveland Heights High School

Aric Jones, mirroring the athletic path of his close friend Kelce, was a football player at Cleveland Heights High School. Following in the footsteps of their shared passion for the sport, Jones continued his football journey as a defensive back for the Tennessee State Tigers. 

4. Aric and Travis have worked together

Collaborating in both business and fashion, Aric Jones and Travis Kelce have shared a professional partnership. In July 2014, Jones founded Kelce Krazies, LLC, just ahead of Kelce's inaugural season with the Kansas City Chiefs. Serving as the official merchandise provider for Kelce for two years, the brand was a joint effort where Jones managed the business operations while Kelce actively promoted it. The designs, as noted on Jones' LinkedIn, drew inspiration from Kelce's signature 'Bow & Arrow' celebration in the endzone. In a reciprocal gesture, Kelce later ventured into his own clothing line, Tru Story, and Jones demonstrated support by modeling some of the collections. 

Aric Jones and Travis Kelce are best friend

5. He also has a clothing line

In addition to his diverse professional background, Aric Jones has ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing a streetwear clothing brand named Homebred Legends in 2017. Following his experience in sales and marketing at Technocom Business Systems, Jones embarked on a journey of creative expression and business ownership. Based in Atlanta, he not only designs various collections for Homebred Legends but also expands the brand's reach by hosting events under its umbrella.