Willis Gibson

Willis Gibson

Willis Gibson
Quick Facts About Willis Gibson
Celebrated Name Willis Gibson
Age -1 years old
Nick Name blue scuti
Birth Name Willis Gibson
Birth Date 2010
Gender Male
Profession Youtuber
Birth Nation USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity American-White
Place of Birth Oklahoma
Father Adam Gibson
Religion Christian
Net Worth $500K
Salary Thousand of dollar
Source of Wealth YouTube Career
Marital Status Unmarried
Sexual Orientation Straight
Famous for Being the first person to conquer the Tetris game

Willis Gibson is an American YouTube star and avid gamer. He is famous for his extraordinary achievement as being the first person to conquer the Tetris game. In a touching tribute to his late father, Adam, Willis, Gibson documented his historic accomplishment in a YouTube video. Displaying exceptional skill, he achieved a remarkable score of 999999, causing the game to freeze. Overwhelmed with emotion, he exclaimed, "Oh my God! Yes! I’m going to pass out. I can’t feel my hands." Willis, who began playing Tetris two years ago, uses an innovative "rolling" technique to manipulate the controller, adding a unique element to his gaming prowess. His triumph not only etches his name in gaming history but also stands as a heartfelt homage to his father's memory.

Who is Willis Gibson?

Willis Gibson, a YouTube star and gamer, made history by becoming the first person to conquer the Tetris game, scoring an impressive 999999 and freezing the game. In a poignant tribute to his late father, Adam, Willis shared this achievement on YouTube, expressing overwhelming emotion. 

Willis Gibson, born in the year 2010, hails from Oklahoma, the USA. He is American by nationality and belongs to an American-White ethnic background. Celebrating his birthday in 2023, his present age turned 13. About his parents, he is the son of his late father, Adam Gibson. Recently, he shared a poignant tribute on video, seemingly reaching the kill screen of the classic Tetris game—an achievement dedicated to his father, who passed away in December 2023. Willis' heartfelt gesture underscores the deep connection and homage he holds for his father, showcasing his gaming prowess as a testament to their bond. 

Willis Gibson Career

  • Willis Gibson, renowned by his gaming moniker "blue scuti," has earned fame on his YouTube channel with over 3K subscribers, where he shares gameplay videos featuring titles like Tetris, Mario, and Rocket Arena. 
  • Since 2019, when he was just nine years old, Willis has consistently uploaded content, showcasing his gaming prowess.
  • In a recent milestone, the 13-year-old prodigy achieved an unprecedented feat by reaching the 'Kill Screen' of Tetris, setting a record as the first player ever to do so. 
  • Triggering a kill screen on Level 157 in a 45-minute Tetris session, Willis astounded the gaming community and garnered praise from Tetris CEO Maya Rogers. 
  • He fidgets and continues to hyperventilate as the screen bears his progress: a high score of 9,999,99 which is greater than 2022 Classic Tetris World Champion Eric Tolt's score of 6 million. 
  • As reported by the New York Times, Vince Clemente, the president of the Classic Tetris Championship, acknowledges Willis Gibson as the first person to reach Tetris' legendary kill screen, marking a historic achievement in the iconic game's 40th anniversary year. 

Willis Gibson becomes the first person to beat Tetris

Willis Gibson Personal Life: Who is he dating?

Willis Gibson, at the age of 13, is currently single and not romantically involved with anyone. He prioritizes his YouTube career over entering into a relationship, focusing on personal and professional growth. He is straight when it comes to his sexual orientation. At this stage of his life, he is dedicated to honing his skills and building his online presence rather than pursuing romantic endeavors. 

Willis Gibson Net Worth 2024 

Willis Gibson, a rising YouTube star, has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2024. His primary source of wealth stems from his flourishing YouTube gaming career, where he commands an annual salary in the thousands of dollars. He has demonstrated his prowess in Tetris competitions, earning approximately $3,000 (£2,368) thus far. This financial success has allowed him to lead a cool and comfortable lifestyle. 

Facts About Willis Gibson

Willis Gibson is the first person to conquer the Tetris game

Willis Gibson stands as a trailblazer in the gaming world, etching his name in history as the inaugural individual to conquer the iconic Tetris game. His extraordinary feat, marked by an impressive score of 999999, not only earned him widespread acclaim but also solidified his place as a pioneer in the realm of gaming. 

His gaming name is "blue scuti"

Identified by the moniker "blue scuti" in the gaming realm, Willis Gibson has carved out a distinct online presence under this alias, becoming a recognized figure in the gaming community. Through his YouTube channel and various gaming platforms, "blue scuti" has become synonymous with Willis's exceptional skill, innovative techniques, and groundbreaking achievements, particularly as the first person to conquer the Tetris game. 

He started his YouTube career at age 9

Willis Gibson, embarking on his digital journey at the tender age of 9, laid the foundation for his burgeoning YouTube career. From those early days, he began cultivating his online presence, sharing gaming content that would eventually captivate audiences and propel him to fame.