Taiwo Odukoya

Taiwo Odukoya

Taiwo Odukoya
Quick Facts About Taiwo Odukoya
Celebrated Name Taiwo Odukoya
Age 67 years old
Nick Name Taiwo Odukoya
Birth Name Taiwo Odukoya
Birth Date 1956-06-15
Gender Male
Profession Pastor
Birth Nation Nigeria
Place of Birth Kaduna
Nationality Nigerian
Ethnicity Nigerian-African
Sister Kehinde Hassan
School Baptist Primary School
College St. Paul's College, Kufena College
University University of Ibadan
Marital Status Married
Sexual Orientation Straight
Wife Bimbo Williams, Rosemary Simangele Zulu
Net Worth $1 Million - $5 Million
Source of Wealth Pastor Career
Salary Thousand of Dollars
Death Date 7th August 2023
Cause of Death Cancer (As per sources)
Children Jimmy Odukoya, Tolu Odukoya Ijogun, Tobi Odukoya, Jomiloju Odukoya, Timilehin Odukoya

Taiwo Odukoya was a Nigerian Pentecostal pastor. He was famous for being the senior pastor of The Fountain of Life Church in Lagos, boasting a membership exceeding 8,000 individuals. Transitioning from a career in petroleum engineering at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, he answered a higher calling, retiring voluntarily in 1994 to passionately serve as a pastor. His profound impact extended beyond the church walls, evident through a range of community-focused endeavors including a hospital, orphanage, destitute children's school, agricultural venture, borehole water project, and a vocational institute aiding the less privileged. In 1997, he established the non-denominational Discovery for Men and Discovery for Women programs, nurturing personal development through mentoring, vocational training, and rallies. On August 7, 2023, Taiwo Odukoya passed away in the United States at the age of 67, leaving behind a legacy of spiritual guidance and transformative community contributions.

Who is Taiwo Odukoya?

Taiwo Odukoya, born on June 15, 1956, in Kaduna, Colonial Nigeria, spent his formative years there. He was a Nigerian by nationality, identifying with the Nigerian-African ethnicity. In 2023, he celebrated his last 67th birthday. He maintained the privacy of his parents' identities. As per sources, Pastor Taiwo had a twin sister whose name was Kehinde Hassan. Sadly, he lost his twin sister in December 2021 from cancer complications. He pursued his early education at Baptist Primary School, Kigo Road, Kaduna, and later at St. Paul's College, now known as Kufena College, Wusasa, Zaria. His academic journey led him to the University of Ibadan in 1976, where he earned a petroleum engineering degree in 1981.

Taiwo Odukoya, a former petroleum engineer who began his career at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in April 1982 after completing the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) scheme, later embraced his calling to the ministry and voluntarily retired from NNPC in January 1994. He ardently championed the church's role in the community, exemplified by various outreach initiatives encompassing a hospital, orphanage, school for destitute children, farm, water project providing boreholes, and a skill acquisition institute for the less privileged. Notably, he established Discovery for Men and Discovery for Women in 1997, non-denominational programs fostering personal growth through rallies, mentorship, and vocational training, benefiting numerous individuals annually. Odukoya, serving as the senior pastor of The Fountain of Life Church in Ilupeju, Lagos, oversaw a congregation of over 8,000 members.

Nigerian Pentecostal pastor, Taiwo Odukoya

Taiwo Odukoya Death Cause

On August 7, 2023, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, the Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), passed away at the age of 67, reportedly due to cancer, while in the United States. The announcement of his passing was made through a Facebook post by the church, expressing submission to the divine will and commemorating Pastor Odukoya as a revered spiritual leader, teacher, and servant of the Almighty. He co-founded The Fountain of Life Church and left a significant legacy within the congregation and beyond, leaving the exact cause of his demise undisclosed.

Who was Taiwo Odukoya married to?

Taiwo Odukoya experienced two marriages in his lifetime. His first marriage was with Bimbo Williams, a woman he met at the University of Ibadan in 1980, culminating in their marriage in 1984. Tragically, their partnership was cut short in 2005 when Bimbo, along with 102 others, lost her life in the Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 crash. Revered for her impactful messages, her passing was deeply felt. In 2014, Odukoya revisited the tragic plane crash that had made him a widower nine years prior. He advocated for pastors to utilize private jets, citing their enhanced suitability for pastoral ministry and safer travel compared to commercial flights. In 2010, Odukoya remarried his second wife, Rosemary Simangele Zulu from South Africa, resulting in the birth of two sons. However, the couple's happiness was marred by Rosemary's battle with cancer, leading to her passing in November 2021. Throughout these events, Odukoya's unwavering sexual orientation remained consistent.  His children's are Jimmy Odukoya, Tolu Odukoya Ijogun, Tobi Odukoya, Jomiloju Odukoya, and Timilehin Odukoya. 

Taiwo and his first wife, Bimbo Odukoya jointly established The Fountain of Life Church in 1992, driven by a mission to impart the principles of successful relationships and leadership, enabling individuals to realize their true potential. The Church's influence extended globally, with missions spanning South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, Switzerland, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, the Republic of Benin, Côte d'Ivoire, and Togo, embodying their profound dedication to their vision.

How much was Taiwo Odukoya Net Worth?

Taiwo Odukoya, a prominent Nigerian Pentecostal pastor, reportedly held a net worth ranging between $1 million and $5 million USD, with his annual earnings measured in thousands of dollars. His wealth emanated primarily from his successful career as a pastor. Notably, he enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle prior to his passing. 

5 Facts About Taiwo Odukoya

1. Taiwo Odukoya was a Pastor from Nigeria

Hailing from Nigeria, Taiwo Odukoya was a distinguished pastor who left a significant impact on both his congregation and the broader community. As a prominent spiritual leader, he embodied the values of faith, compassion, and guidance, serving as a source of inspiration and solace to countless individuals seeking spiritual nourishment and personal growth. His role as a pastor extended beyond religious rituals, encompassing a commitment to fostering positive change and uplifting the lives of those he touched through his teachings, counseling, and outreach initiatives. His pastoral journey, rooted in his Nigerian heritage, resonated with people from various walks of life, transcending cultural and social boundaries. His contributions as a pastor not only enriched the spiritual landscape of Nigeria but also reverberated globally, reflecting his dedication to nurturing faith, promoting values, and championing the betterment of society through the transformative power of his ministry.

2. He was the senior pastor of The Fountain of Life Church 

As the senior pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Taiwo Odukoya, along with his late wife Bimbo Odukoya (1960–2005), jointly established the church in 1992, driven by a visionary mission to impart the art of cultivating prosperous relationships and the foundations of effective leadership, empowering individuals to realize their inherent potential and purpose.

3. He was a petroleum engineer

Having trained as a petroleum engineer, he commenced his professional journey at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in April 1982, following the mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) commitment. He remained dedicated to his role until voluntarily retiring in January 1994, a pivotal decision influenced by his divine calling to serve in the ministry.

4. He was married two times

Taiwo Odukoya experienced two significant chapters of marital companionship in his life. His first marriage was to Bimbo Williams, a woman he encountered during his time at the University of Ibadan, ultimately leading to their union in 1984. Tragically, this partnership was abruptly disrupted in 2005 when Bimbo, along with 102 others, lost her life in the Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 crash. In 2010, Odukoya embarked on a new chapter by marrying his second wife, Rosemary Simangele Zulu, hailing from South Africa. The union resulted in the birth of two sons, reflecting a period of renewed hope and happiness for Odukoya. However, this phase also brought with it its share of sorrow, as Rosemary's battle with cancer culminated in her passing in November 2021. 

5. He is the founder of Discovery Programs

In 1997, Taiwo Odukoya founded the non-denominational Discovery for Men and Discovery for Women programs. These programs aimed to foster personal growth through mentoring, vocational training, and rallies, providing individuals with tools to enhance their personal and professional development.