Rory Culkin

Rory Culkin

Rory Culkin
Quick Facts About Rory Culkin
Celebrated Name Rory Culkin
Age 34 years old
Nick Name Rory
Birth Name Rory Hugh Culkin
Birth Date 1989-07-21
Gender Male
Profession Actor
Birth Nation USA
Place of Birth New York
Nationality American
Mother Patricia Brentrup
Father Christopher 'Kit' Culkin
Ethnicity American-White
Siblings Shane, Macaulay, Kieran, Christian, Jennifer, Dakota, and Quinn
Horoscope Cancer
Religion Christian
School Laurel Springs School
Net Worth $2.5 million
Source of Wealth Entertainment Industry
Marital Status Married
Wife Sarah Scrivener
Sexual Orientation Straight
Weight 68 KG
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Body Build/Type Slim

Rory Culkin is a well-known American actor who has gained fame for his impressive performances in movies such as "Scream 4", "Lords of Chaos", "You Can Count on Me", "Columbus", and M. Night Shyamalan's "Signs". He is also the younger brother of actors Macaulay Culkin and Kieran Culkin. In his early acting career, he made appearances as a child actor in movies such as "The Good Son" and "Richie Rich", alongside his brothers. However, it was his breakthrough role in "You Can Count On Me" that earned him critical acclaim and a Young Artist Award. Apart from his movie career, he also portrayed the real-life David Thibodeau in the Netflix docuseries "Waco", which was re-released on April 16, 2020, and has been gaining popularity ever since. Throughout his career, Culkin has also received several award nominations for his acting performances, including three additional Young Artist Award nominations after his win for "You Can Count On Me". With his impressive acting skills and growing popularity, Rory Culkin is a promising talent in the film industry. 

Who is Rory Culkin?

Rory Culkin, an American actor, rose to fame for his portrayal of Rudy Prescott in the film You Can Count on Me (2000), earning him the Young Artist Award for "Best Performance in a Feature Film - Supporting Young Actor." He has since gained a significant following through his roles in various movies, such as Scream 4 (2011) as Charlie Walker and Columbus (2017) as Gabriel. Additionally, he has made appearances in numerous TV shows, including The Job (2001-2002) in which he played the role of Davey McNeil.

Rory Culkin was born with the real name Rory Hugh Culkin on 21st July 1989 in New York City, USA. He holds American nationality and comes from a large family. His parents are Patricia Brentrup, who worked as a telephone operator, and Christopher 'Kit' Culkin, a former stage actor with a long career on Broadway. He is the youngest of eight siblings, with four brothers, Shane, Macaulay, Kieran, and Christian, and three sisters, Jennifer, Dakota, and Quinn. His sister Jennifer has a different mother, and he is a nephew of actress Bonnie Bedelia, who is his father's sister. His ethnicity is American-White, and he practices Christianity as his religion. His Zodiac sign falls under Cancer as per his birthdate. Cancer zodiac personalities are known for their emotional depth, intuitive nature, and their strong sense of loyalty towards their loved ones. Rory attended Laurel Springs School. His educational background shows his dedication to pursuing a career in acting, which he has been passionate about since he was young. He has since established himself as a talented and versatile actor in the entertainment industry, with a portfolio of successful movies and television shows. His family's involvement in the performing arts may have played a role in nurturing his talents and passion for acting. 

Rory Culkin started his acting career with small roles such as a baby photographer in "The Good Son", Young Richie in Ri"¢hie Ri¢h" (with his brother Macaulay), and as 10-year-old Igby in "Igby Goes Down" (with his brother Kieran playing 17-year-old Igby). His breakthrough role was in "You Can Count on Me", where he received critical acclaim and a Young Artist Award. After that, he appeared in several films such as "Signs". 

As a teenager, he began to explore more independent films, taking on roles in movies such as "The Chumscrubber", "Hick" and "Down in the Valley". He had a leading role in "Mean Creek", an independent film that won the entire youth cast an Independent Spirit Award in 2004. He also had guest roles in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "The Twilight Zone". In 2010, he was cast in the slasher film "Scream 4", which was released in 2011. He also played the role of Euronymous in the biographical film "Lords of Chaos", which explores the events of the Norwegian black metal scene and the band Mayhem.

In the year 2014, he starred as the titular character in "Gabriel". Recently, in 2023, he guest appeared in the Amazon Prime Video series "Swarm." 

How much is Rory Culkin net worth?

Rory Culkin, the talented actor, has accumulated a net worth of approximately $2.5 million as of 2023. Although his exact salary is not known, it is evident that he earns a substantial amount of money from his successful acting career. His primary source of income is from his appearances in various movies and television shows. Some of his notable works include the horror movie "Scream 4", "Lords of Chaos", "You Can Count on Me", "Columbus", and "Signs" directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Despite having a lower net worth compared to his brother, Macaulay Culkin, who has a net worth of $18 million, Rory Culkin is content with his earnings. There is no information available regarding his cars and houses, indicating that he prefers to keep his personal life private.

Despite his relatively modest net worth, his successful acting career has established him as a respected and sought-after actor in the entertainment industry. His talent and dedication have helped him earn a loyal fan base, and his work in various movies and TV shows has earned him critical acclaim. With his potential and his commitment to his craft, it is likely that Rory's net worth will continue to grow in the coming years. Rory is living a lavish lifestyle right now. 

Who is Rory Culkin wife?

Rory Culkin is a happily married man. He tied the knot to his wife, Sarah Scrivener. Sarah is a cinematographer by profession. The duo married in 2018 in a private ceremony held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The wedding was officiated by Paul Heyman on the eve of WrestleMania 34. The couple met each other in 2011. Their relationship has grown stronger over the years and there is no indication of any problems or conflicts in their marriage. While the couple does not have any children yet, they are enjoying their married life together and are focused on their respective careers.

Despite being a public figure, Rory Culkin has managed to keep his personal life relatively private. He has not shared much information about his married life with the media and prefers to keep his personal affairs away from the limelight. It is clear, however, that Rory and Sarah share a strong bond and are committed to their relationship. As they continue to navigate their lives together, fans can only hope for the best for the happy couple.

How tall is Rory Culkin?

The handsome hunk, Rory Culkin has a distinctive physical appearance. He stands at a height of five feet six inches and maintains a slim build. He has a balanced weight of 68 KG, which complements his slender frame. His attractive features include his striking blue eyes and brown hair, which add to his unique appeal. He has a healthy body and a glowing face that further enhances his charming personality. Apart from his physical appearance, he is also known for his cool and laid-back personality. He has a reputation for being easy-going and friendly, which has helped him build a strong fan base. His relaxed demeanor and charming smile make him an instant favorite among his fans. Overall, his appearance and personality combine to make him a popular and sought-after actor in the entertainment industry. 

5 Facts about Rory Culkin

1. Rory Culkin is the youngest of seven children

Rory is the youngest of seven children, all of whom are actors. His siblings include Macaulay Culkin (Older Brother) (Actor, Musician), Kieran Culkin (Older Brother) (Actor), Quinn Culkin (Older Sister), Christian Culkin (Older Brother) (Actor), Dakota Culkin (Older Sister) (Died in 2008), Shane Culkin (Older Brother), and Jennifer Adamson (Older Paternal Half-Sister) (Died in 2000), Bonnie Bedelia (Aunt) (Actress). Growing up in a family of actors, he was exposed to the entertainment industry at a young age. He made his acting debut at the age of two and quickly gained recognition for his talent. His breakthrough role came in the movie "Signs" (2002), where he played the character Morgan Hess. He received critical acclaim for his performance and went on to appear in several movies and TV shows, establishing himself as a successful actor in his own right. Despite coming from a family of actors, he has managed to carve out his own path in the industry, and his talent and dedication have earned him a loyal fan base.

2. The upbringing of Rory and his siblings was challenging

Rory and his siblings faced significant hardships in their upbringing. They grew up in poverty, sharing a single room with their large family. Their parents struggled to provide for them, and they did not have appropriate clothing to wear to auditions. It was only after Rory's brother, Macaulay, became a household name that their financial situation improved. However, this change only brought on more challenges as their father put immense pressure on them and treated them poorly. Despite the adversity, Rory persevered and pursued his passion for acting. His determination and talent eventually led him to success in the entertainment industry. His experiences have undoubtedly shaped him as a person and an artist, and his resilience in the face of difficulty serves as an inspiration to many.

3. His film debut came in the year 1993

Rory made his film debut in 1993's The Good Son, which also starred his brother Macaulay. The movie featured the two brothers as cousins, with Rory playing the role of Henry, a disturbed child who terrorizes his family. Despite the dark and challenging nature of the role, Rory's performance was praised by audiences and critics alike. Following his debut, he continued to work in the film industry, establishing himself as a talented actor with a range of skills. He has since starred in a variety of films and television shows, solidifying his place as a respected and versatile performer. His debut in The Good Son was just the beginning of an impressive career that continues to evolve and inspire.

4. He has starred in three films with Emma Roberts

Rory Culkin has had the opportunity to work alongside Emma Roberts in three different films. The duo first collaborated on the 2008 independent film, Lymelife, which follows the lives of two families in the late 1970s as they struggle with the effects of Lyme disease. The movie was praised for its performances, including those of Culkin and Roberts. The two actors worked together again in the 2010 drama film, Twelve, which explores the life of a young drug dealer in New York City. Culkin played the role of Chris, a friend of the main character, while Roberts portrayed a wealthy teenager involved in the drug scene. Finally, Culkin and Roberts reunited for 2011's Scream 4, a horror film that served as the fourth installment in the Scream franchise. In the movie, Culkin played the role of Charlie, while Roberts played Jill, the film's main protagonist. Their on-screen chemistry in all three films has been praised by audiences and critics alike.

5. He is also a producer

Apart from being an accomplished actor, Rory Culkin has also shown his talent as a producer. While most of his career has been spent in front of the camera, he has successfully ventured into producing as well. Rory made his debut as a producer in 2016 with the movie Welcome to Willits, according to his IMDB page. In addition, he co-produced the film Lords of Chaos in 2018, showcasing his versatility in the entertainment industry. Rory Culkin's foray into producing indicates his interest in bringing compelling stories to the screen, not just through his acting but also through his creative vision. With his experience in acting and his newfound skills in producing, he is well-equipped to contribute to the entertainment industry in multiple ways. It will be exciting to see how he continues to expand his repertoire and make his mark as a versatile artist in the future.