Rex Brown

Rex Brown

Rex Brown
Quick Facts About Rex Brown
Celebrated Name Rex Brown
Age 59 years old
Nick Name Rex
Birth Name Rex Robert Brown
Birth Date 1964-07-27
Gender Male
Profession Musician
Birth Nation USA
Nationality American
Place of Birth Texas
Ethnicity American-White
Net Worth $5 Million
Salary Thousand of Dollar
Source of Wealth Music Career
Marital Status Married and Divorced
Sexual Orientation Straight
Height 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters)
Weight 72 KG
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Body Build/Type Slim

Rex Brown is an American musician. He is famous for being the bassist for the iconic heavy metal band Pantera, a role he assumed in 1982. Remarkably, he remains the longest-serving member of the band following their reunion in 2022. In addition to his musical pursuits, Rex ventured into literature, penning the insightful book "Official Truth 101 Proof," which delves into the formation, career, and disbandment of Pantera. Recently, Rex Brown named the two bands that contributed to Pantera's "Texas Stomp Boogie" sound. "If you take a look at this band and you had two bands that you had to pick, it would be Van Halen and ZZ Top sped up in that 6/8 in that 'Texas Stomp Boogie' as we used to call it, that's what it was all about," says Brown.

Rex Brown Biography

Rex Brown, the renowned American musician, gained fame as Pantera's bassist in 1982 and remains their longest-serving member post-reunion in 2022. He also contributed to the supergroup Down (2001-2011) and was a bassist for Kill Devil Hill. In 2017, he embarked on a solo career with "Smoke on This..." and authored "Official Truth 101 Proof". 

Rex Brown, born on July 27, 1964, in Graham, Texas, USA, holds American nationality and belongs to the American-White ethnicity. Raised by his mother and sister after his father's passing in 1971 when Rex was just a child, he discovered the world of music through his grandmother, who introduced him to the piano, igniting his passion for ragtime and Scott Joplin. An accomplished Eagle Scout within the Boy Scouts of America, Rex's early musical influences included ZZ Top and Def Leppard. At the tender age of twelve, he embarked on his bass guitar journey, and to this day, his unwavering admiration extends to iconic bands like Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin, and the raw energy of hardcore punk. 

Rex Brown Music Career

Formed in 1981, Pantera welcomed Rex Brown as their bassist in 1982, where he replaced Tommy D. Bradford and adopted the alias "Rex Rocker." Brown's connection with drummer Vinnie Paul and guitarist Dimebag Darrell, who were his high school classmates and fellow jazz band members, solidified his place in the band. He retained the stage name "Rex Rocker" for Pantera's first four albums, including "Metal Magic" (1983), "Projects in the Jungle" (1984), "I Am the Night" (1985), and "Power Metal" (1988). However, starting with their fifth album, "Cowboys from Hell," he was credited by his birth name. With the addition of vocalist Phil Anselmo in 1986, Pantera's trajectory shifted, and they found commercial success with their 1990 album "Cowboys from Hell." 

Throughout the 1990s, Pantera released several more studio albums, including "Vulgar Display of Power" (1992), "Far Beyond Driven" (1994), "The Great Southern Trendkill" (1996), and "Reinventing the Steel" (2000). They garnered Grammy nominations for their tracks "I'm Broken," "Suicide Note Pt. I," "Cemetery Gates," and "Revolution Is My Name." After a temporary hiatus in 2001 due to Anselmo's side projects, Pantera officially disbanded in 2003. In July 2022, it was announced that Rex Brown would join Phil Anselmo, Zakk Wylde, and Charlie Benante for Pantera's first world tour in 22 years, set for 2023, with Wylde and Benante filling in for the late Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul, respectively.

In 1998, while staying in Louisiana, Rex Brown received an invitation from Phil Anselmo for a jam session that included all the members of Down except their bass player Todd Strange, who had left the band. That night, they spontaneously crafted several demos, which later evolved into their second album, recorded in the fall of 2001 at Anselmo's barn, transformed into a professional studio. The album was eventually released on March 26, 2002, marking Brown's debut as the bassist for Down. However, the band once again went on hiatus at the close of 2002. 

A reunion in 2006 led to the creation of material for their third studio album, "Down III: Over the Under," released in 2007, during which the band toured as the opening act for Metallica. During this time, Rex Brown struck up a friendship with James Hetfield, who, like Brown, had completed an alcohol rehabilitation program in 2002. In pursuit of musical exploration, Brown made the decision to part ways with Down in 2011.

In 1999, Rex Brown, alongside Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul, collaborated with country artist David Allan Coe in a project known as Rebel Meets Rebel, releasing an album in 2006 on Vinnie Paul's Big Vin Records label. Brown's versatility as a bassist led to collaborations with Jerry Cantrell on "Boggy Depot" and with Crowbar on "Lifesblood for the Downtrodden," with additional work for Crowbar in 2004 and 2005, as well as for Cavalera Conspiracy in 2008. Rex then formed Arms of the Sun, which produced thirteen tracks at Willie Nelson's Pedernales Recording Studio, but he left the project in February 2011.

In March 2011, he launched a new band, Kill Devil Hill, featuring Vinny Appice on drums, Mark Zavon on guitar, and Dewey Bragg on vocals. Their debut album received critical acclaim in May 2012, and they continued touring. Rex Brown released his autobiography, "Official Truth: 101 Proof," in 2013, chronicling his life and Pantera's journey. He also contributed to the book "Survival of the Fittest: Heavy Metal in the 1990s" in 2015. Brown's solo album, "Smoke on This…," was released in July 2017, and in 2023, he played bass on the debut album of the metal supergroup Elegant Weapons.

American musician, Rex Brown

Rex Brown Net Worth In 2023

Rex Brown stands as a highly successful musician with an impressive net worth of $5 million as of 2023, predominantly attributed to his illustrious career in the music industry, notably as a member of the renowned heavy metal band Pantera. His substantial wealth has been accrued through album sales, extensive touring, and various musical endeavors, supplemented by a consistent annual income. Rex's financial acumen extends beyond music, as he has ventured into real estate investments, including a notable residence in Nashville, Tennessee. This has enabled him to lead a lavish lifestyle befitting his prosperous career.

Who is Rex Brown Wife?

Rex Brown was a married woman and he is currently in a relationship. He has managed to keep the identity of his current romantic girlfriend. However, he has not mentioned who is the lady in the photograph he shared on 25 December 2020. His Twitter bio, which describes him as a "Musician, Father, Lover & a Friend!!," strongly suggests that the talented artist is indeed in a relationship. Previously, Rex was married to his ex-wife, Belinda Brown in 1995, a union that came about through a mutual friend but eventually dissolved in 2004. Adding to his familial tapestry, Rex is also a proud father of twins born in the year 2000. 

Rex Brown Height: How tall is he?

Standing at an impressive height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters) and maintaining a weight of approximately 159 lbs (72 kg), Rex Brown exudes a cool and confident presence. His distinctive features include long, blonde hair and captivating brown eyes. Rex's commitment to maintaining a healthy physique is evident through his mindful approach to food intake, reflecting his dedication to overall well-being.

Facts About Rex Brown

Rex Brown grew up in a musical family

Coming from a family deeply immersed in music, Rex Brown's musical journey began under the tutelage of his grandmother, who introduced him to the world of melodies, teaching him piano during his early years and kindling his passion for ragtime music and Scott Joplin. In his formative years, Rex was not only an Eagle Scout within the Boy Scouts of America but also developed an enduring love for music, particularly for bands like ZZ Top and Def Leppard, which inspired him to pick up the bass guitar at the age of twelve. To this day, his musical palette remains diverse, encompassing a deep admiration for iconic acts like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and the raw energy of hardcore punk.

He is recognized as the longtime bassist of the band 'Pantera'

Rex Brown is an American musician renowned as the enduring bassist of the legendary heavy metal band Pantera, a role he assumed back in 1982. Remarkably, even after their reunion in 2022, Brown remains the band's longest-serving member, solidifying his iconic status in the world of heavy metal.

His father died when he was young

Rex faced the adversity of losing his father at a young age; born when his father was already 40, the year 1971 marked the heartbreaking departure of his paternal figure. Following this profound loss, he navigated his formative years alongside his mother and sister, demonstrating resilience in the face of such early hardship.

He has released his autobiography

In 2013, he unveiled his poignant autobiography, titled "Official Truth, 101 Proof: The Inside Story of Pantera," delving deep into his personal journey marred by addiction and recounting the heart-wrenching loss of his bandmate, Dimebag Darrell, offering an intimate glimpse into the highs and lows of his life as a member of the iconic band Pantera.