Paul Bristow

Paul Bristow

Paul Bristow
Quick Facts About Paul Bristow
Celebrated Name Paul Bristow
Age 45 years old
Nick Name Paul Bristow
Birth Name Paul Bristow
Birth Date 1979-03-27
Gender Male
Profession Politician
Birth Nation England
Place of Birth York, North Yorkshire
Nationality British
Ethnicity British-White
Father Alan
College Sir Harry Smith Community College, Lancaster University (Cartmel College)
Religion Christian
Wife Sara
Marital Status Married
Sexual Orientation Straight
Net Worth $5 Million
Salary Thousand of Dollar
Sources of Wealth Political Career
Party Conservative Party

Paul Bristow is a British politician who has held the position of Member of Parliament (MP) for Peterborough since the 2019 general election. His political party is the Conservative Party. Notably, in October 2023, he was removed from his role as a Parliamentary Private Secretary at the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology for publicly advocating for a "permanent ceasefire" in Gaza.

Paul Bristow Biography

Paul Bristow, a British Conservative Party politician, has been the MP for Peterborough since 2019. Before entering politics, he worked as a public relations consultant and chaired the lobbying trade body, the Association of Professional Political Consultants. Additionally, he served as a councillor on Hammersmith and Fulham London Borough Council from 2006 to 2010. 

Paul Bristow, born on March 27, 1979, is a native of York, North Yorkshire, England. He holds British nationality and belongs to British-White ethnicity. His parents were both nurses. His father, Alan was also a Conservative Party district councillor. He spent his formative years in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, having moved there at the age of five and attended Sir Harry Smith Community College.

His passion for politics was ignited by a school history teacher, and he joined the Conservative Party at just 16. Bristow pursued his education in History and Politics at Lancaster University (Cartmel College) and previously served as a parliamentary aide to former Conservative MP Richard Spring.

British Politician, Paul Bristow

Paul Bristow Political Career

Paul Bristow was elected as a councilor for Fulham Reach ward on Hammersmith and Fulham Council in 2006. He later left this position to run for the Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland seat in the 2010 general election, where he secured second place with 35.6% of the vote. After finishing third in the 2019 Peterborough by-election, Bristow later won the seat in the 2019 general election with a 2,580-vote majority. Before entering Parliament, he chaired the Association of Professional Political Consultants from 2017 to 2019 and directed PB Consulting, a healthcare PR consultancy he founded in 2010.

In 2020, he resigned as director, transferring control to his wife, and renamed the firm HealthComms Consulting. As an MP, he continued to ask health-related questions to ministers about the firm but didn't always disclose his interests. Since 2020, Bristow has been a member of the Health and Social Care Committee and was appointed as a Parliamentary Private Secretary to Nadine Dorries in February 2022.

In April 2021, The Observer reported that Bristow claimed £10,500 in rental expenses for his constituency accommodation while renting out three residential properties in London, defending himself by stating he followed the rules. In November 2021, he wrote an article in The Times advocating for banning MPs from consultant lobbying. He initially supported Grant Shapps in the July 2022 Conservative Party leadership election, but after Shapps withdrew, Bristow endorsed Liz Truss.

In October 2022, following Truss's resignation as Prime Minister, he announced support for Boris Johnson in the subsequent leadership election. On May 24, 2023, Bristow was asked to leave the House of Commons by the Speaker due to disruptive behavior during the Prime Minister's Questions, though he was not formally ejected, with the threat of naming him if he didn't leave voluntarily. 

In October 2023, Bristow was removed from his Government role as a Parliamentary Private Secretary at the Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology for openly advocating for a "permanent ceasefire" in Gaza in a two-page letter to the Prime Minister, where he argued that it would save lives and enable continuous humanitarian aid delivery to those in need. Bristow also expressed on his Facebook page that Palestinians should not endure collective punishment for the actions of Hamas. His dismissal marked the first time a frontbencher in either the government or opposition was fired for deviating from the official stance on the conflict.

Who is Paul Bristow Wife, Sara?

Paul Bristow is a married man to his wife Sara. While the details of their meeting and marriage remain undisclosed, they have been happily married for over a decade. The couple shares two daughters. Sara, formerly Sara Petela, is a public relations consultant who has held the position of managing director at Healthcomms Consulting since January 2020 and Politicomms Consulting since November 2020. Their family is enjoying a contented life together.

Paul Bristow and his wife Sara

Paul Bristow Net Worth In 2023

Paul Bristow, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Peterborough since the 2019 general election, is a successful politician whose estimated net worth in 2023 stands at $5 million. He earns an annual salary in the thousands from his political career, which constitutes his primary source of income. This income affords him a comfortable and well-rounded lifestyle.

Facts About Paul Bristow

His parents were both nurses

Paul Bristow's upbringing was influenced by his parents, both of whom were dedicated nurses. Their profession reflected a commitment to caring for others and fostering a strong sense of service. Bristow's family background in nursing likely played a role in shaping his values and understanding of healthcare and public service. The nurturing environment provided by his parents' profession may have contributed to his own career in public service, eventually becoming a Member of Parliament and engaging in various political and public relations roles. 

He is a supporter of York City F.C.

Paul is an avid supporter of York City F.C. His enthusiasm for the football club reflects his passion for the sport and his connection to the local community. Whether it's cheering from the stands or engaging with fellow fans, Bristow's support for York City F.C. serves as a testament to his dedication to the team and his appreciation for the camaraderie and spirit of the game, a sentiment that resonates with many who share his love for the club.

He was given a 28-day driving ban

In August 2021, Bristow received a 28-day driving ban for speeding on the A1. Notably, he voluntarily requested the ban, aiming to prevent any perception of hypocrisy while campaigning against "speeding on residential streets" in Peterborough, highlighting his commitment to upholding traffic safety and responsible driving in his constituency.

His political party is Conservative

Paul Bristow is a member of the Conservative Party, and a prominent political figure in the United Kingdom. As a Conservative, he aligns with a center-right ideology and supports policies and principles associated with this political group. The Conservative Party is one of the major political parties in the UK and has a history of advocating for limited government intervention in the economy, individual liberty, and a commitment to fiscal responsibility.