Notis Sfakianakis

Notis Sfakianakis

Notis Sfakianakis
Quick Facts About Notis Sfakianakis
Celebrated Name Notis Sfakianakis
Age 64 years old
Nick Name Notis Sfakianakis
Birth Name Notis Sfakianakis
Birth Date 1959-11-02
Gender Male
Profession Singer
Birth Nation Greece
Place of Birth Herakleion, Crete
Nationality Greek
Ethnicity Greek-White
Mother Mairi (Despina) Laoumtzi
Father Konstantinos Sfakianakis
Brother Giorgos
Religion Christian
Horoscope Scorpio
Net Worth $1.5 million
Sexual Orientation Straight
Sources of Wealth Music Industry
Salary Thousand of dollar
Marital Status Married and Divorced
Wife Kili Sfakianakis (Ex)
Children Apollo and Aphrodite

Notis Sfakianakis, a prominent Greek singer specializing in folk music, has achieved remarkable commercial success in Greece and Cyprus, establishing himself as one of the most accomplished artists in the region's history. His musical journey began in 1985 when he started performing at nightclubs as an opening act for other musicians. Notis caught the attention of Sony Greece and released his debut album, "Proti Fora," in 1991, which marked the beginning of his commercially successful career. While his initial three albums garnered commercial success, it was in the mid-1990s that Notis Sfakianakis reached new heights with a string of multi-platinum releases, some of which are among the best-selling albums of all time in Greece. His iconic song, "O Aetos," has become a beloved classic in Greek music history. Notis dominated the music scene in the 1990s, emerging as the best-selling artist of the decade and earning the distinction of being the top-selling Greek artist of his generation. However, he faced a significant decline in commercial success in the 2000s. Undeterred, Notis embarked on the ambitious Matomeno Dakry album trilogy from 2009 to 2011. With over 5 million records sold in Greece alone, he has also achieved remarkable sales of over 900 thousand copies through newspaper covermounts of his albums. Beyond his musical accomplishments, Notis Sfakianakis is renowned for his controversial image, outspoken nature, and willingness to express his opinions openly. 

Who is Notis Sfakianakis?

Notis Sfakianakis is a folk singer who has achieved remarkable commercial success in Greece and Cyprus. From nightclub performances to multi-platinum albums, he dominated the 1990s music scene and remains one of the top-selling Greek artists of his generation. Despite a commercial decline in the 2000s, Notis persevered with the Matomeno Dakry trilogy and garnered millions of album sales. Known for his controversial image and outspoken nature, he continues to make an impact in the music industry.

Notis Sfakianakis, originally named Panagiotis Sfakianakis, was born on November 2, 1959, in Herakleion, Crete, Greece. He holds Greek nationality and belongs to the Greek-White ethnicity. His parents are Mairi (Despina) Laoumtzi and Konstantinos Sfakianakis, though his mother sadly passed away on June 27, 2020. Notis experienced a profound loss with the death of his brother Giorgos, which he expressed through his 2004 album, "Me Agapi O,ti Kaneis." Following his parent's divorce when he was seven years old, Notis and his mother relocated to the island of Kos. Later, while visiting his mother, she moved to Germany with her new husband, and he would occasionally stay with her. Notis was primarily raised by his mother's relatives and others on the island of Kos. As of 2022, he celebrated his 63rd birthday. After completing the first grade of gymnasion, equivalent to the first year of lower secondary education, Notis discontinued his formal schooling. In his early twenties, he ventured into the field of disc jockeying while also supporting himself through various occupations such as waiting tables and working alongside his brother-in-law in hands-on roles like electrician, plumber, and laborer. In 1985, he established a band and performed at clubs in Kos; however, their lack of success led to the band's dissolution within a year of its formation. Notis made a decision in 1986 to return to Crete and embark on a solo singing career.

Notis Sfakianakis initially started his career by opening for renowned national acts like Poly Panou. It was during this time that he caught the attention of Kostas Bourmas, the general manager of Sony in Greece. Impressed by his talent, Bourmas signed Sfakianakis to the label, leading to the recording of his debut album, "Proti Fora" (First Time), which achieved considerable success by reaching the top ten in the Greek charts. Sfakianakis also gained recognition for his rendition of "Opa Opa," originally written by Giorgos Alkaios, which garnered popularity in multiple countries. The song was later covered in a more pop-oriented style by Despina Vandi and Antique. Continuing his musical journey, he released notable tracks such as "Den Se Hreiazome" (I Don't Need You), "Soma Mou" (My Body), "Gyftissa Mera" (Gypsy Day), "Na Hareis" (Cherish), and "Oi Skies" (Shadows). 

Sfakianakis achieved commercial success with his second album, "Eisai Ena Pistoli" (1992), after moving to Minos EMI. In the mid-1990s, he released a series of multi-platinum albums that became some of the best-selling albums in Greece. "Notioanatolitika Tou Kosmou" (1994), also known as "Southeast of the World," included the hit single "O Aetos" (The Eagle), which propelled Sfakianakis to domestic superstardom and remains his signature song. It sold 120,000-150,000 copies. "5o Vima" (1996) holds the title of the best-selling album in Greek music history, selling 200,000 copies. Other successful albums include "I Notes Einai 7psyhes" (132,500 copies sold), the EPs "Pro-Dia-Fimin" (100,000 copies sold) and "Around the World" (15,000 copies sold), and "XXX Enthimion" (180,000 copies sold), the best-selling live album in terms of unit sales.

In 2007, he released "Mnimes" (Memories), featuring hits like "Ta Klemmena" (The Stolen) and "Par' Ta" (Take Them). In 2009 and 2010, he released the albums "Kinonikon" and "Erotikon" as part of a proposed trilogy called "Matomeno Dakry." The songs "Den Ypohoro," "Akou file," and "Mpogias" gained popularity from "Kinonikon," while "Kleinw tis kourtines," "Esti Ine O Erotas," and "Akouse Me Kala" became successful tracks from "Erotikon." The third part of the trilogy, "Horeutikon," focused on upbeat dance songs and was released in December 2010, with notable tracks including "Ellinas" and "Den Yparxeis." He continued his musical journey with albums like "Polihroma Kai Entona" (2000), which shipped 100,000 copies, and "As Milisoun Ta Tragoudia" (2002), which achieved similar success. "O Aetos" remains one of the most popular songs in Greek music history. While Sfakianakis was the best-selling artist of the 1990s and the top-selling Greek artist of his generation, he experienced a decline in commercial success in the 2000s. Albums like "Me Agapi O,ti Kaneis" (2004), "Ana...Genisis" (2005), "Nihtes... Magikes" (2007), and "Mnimes" (2008) sold around 30,000 copies each, while the EP "Kinonia Ora 07:00" sold 15,000 copies.

In November 2007, he released the album "Mnimes" (Memories), featuring hits like "Ta Klemmena" (The Stolen), a poignant reflection on the hardships faced by Greeks in Asia Minor, and "Par' Ta" (Take Them). After a hiatus of over two years, Sfakianakis returned in late 2009 and early 2010 with "Kinonikon," the first part of a proposed trilogy called "Matomeno Dakry," consisting of seven song discs. Popular tracks from "Kinonikon" include "Den Ypohoro," "Akou file," and "Mpogias." The second part, "Erotikon," was released in early 2010 and featured successful songs such as "Kleinw tis kourtines," "Esti Ine O Erotas," and "Akouse Me Kala." The third part, "Horeutikon," focusing on upbeat dance songs, was released in December 2010, with notable tracks like "Ellinas" and "Den Yparxeis." He has sold over 5 million records in Greece alone, with an additional 900,000 copies sold as newspaper covermounts. Among his notable songs of the 21st century is "Genethlia" (or "Gennethleia"), which was originally performed by Cretan lyra player and singer Stelios Mpikakis. Sfakianakis is recognized as one of the most successful singers of his era in Greece. However, he is also known for his controversial image and outspoken manner, often expressing strong opinions.

In November 2009, Notis embarked on his first North American tour in a decade, marking a significant return to the international stage. The tour included performances in Atlantic City, NJ, Chicago, IL, and Canada. It is widely believed within the Greek community that the 10-year gap between Sfakianakis' previous visit to the United States was due to politically charged comments he made during a prior concert, which caused some displeasure among Greek Americans. However, during his 2009 concert in Atlantic City, Sfakianakis expressed his gratitude to the audience for their unwavering support and affection throughout the years. He promised to deliver a memorable performance that would be etched in their memories for the next decade. Sfakianakis proved true to his word, receiving numerous ovations from the enthusiastic crowd during the concert.

Greek Singer, Notis Sfakianakis

What is Notis Sfakianakis Net Worth?

Notis Sfakianakis, a highly acclaimed Greek singer specializing in folk music, has established himself as one of the most commercially successful artists in Greece and Cyprus. With a net worth estimated at $1.5 million as of 2023, Notis has primarily amassed his wealth from his thriving career in the music industry. Currently, he continues to generate a substantial annual income, amounting to thousands of dollars. Throughout his journey since his career began in 1985, Notis has accumulated a significant fortune. Content with his earnings, he leads a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.

Who is Notis Sfakianakis Wife?

Notis Sfakianakis has recently divorced his long-time wife, Kili Sfakianakis, whom he had been married to since 1991. The couple, who met in 1984 in Kos when Kili was working as a tour guide from Britain, had two children together named Apollo and Aphrodite. Notis has chosen to be alone and is no longer residing with his former wife. Sakis Pilatos, a bassist who has collaborated with Notis for 28 years, expressed his close friendship with the singer and revealed that although they haven't spoken recently, he knows that Notis is in Athens. According to a mutual friend, Notis is doing well but prefers to keep to himself and avoid social interactions. His sexual orientation is straight and he is not gay. 

5 Facts about Notis Sfakianakis

1. Notis Sfakianakis began his music career in 1985

Notis Sfakianakis kicked off his music career in 1985, taking his first steps toward the limelight. During this early phase, he honed his skills and crafted his artistry by serving as an opening act for established artists in nightclubs. This period of his career allowed him to showcase his talent, connect with audiences, and gain invaluable experience on stage. By performing as an opening act, Sfakianakis had the opportunity to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression, setting the foundation for his future success as a prominent Greek singer in the folk music genre. Since then, he has released several songs and albums. 

2. His parents divorced when he was a kid

Following his parent's divorce when he was only seven years old, Notis Sfakianakis and his mother made a significant move to the island of Kos. However, as time went on, his mother relocated to Germany with her new husband while Notis would occasionally visit and temporarily live with her. As a result, he was primarily raised by his mother's relatives and other individuals on the island of Kos, who played a crucial role in shaping his upbringing and supporting him during his formative years. Sadly, his mother Mairi (Despina) Laoumtzi died on 27 June 2020.

3. He stands as the best-selling Greek artist of his generation

Notis Sfakianakis holds the esteemed title of being the best-selling Greek artist of his generation. With his remarkable talent, captivating performances, and a string of chart-topping albums, Notis has resonated deeply with audiences, garnering immense popularity and commercial success. His music has touched the hearts of millions, earning him a special place in Greek music history and solidifying his status as a true icon of his era.

4. He had an operation on his vocal cords

In 2003, Notis Sfakianakis underwent a vocal cord operation, which resulted in a two-year break between his subsequent albums, "As Milisoun Ta Tragoudia" and "Me Agapi O,ti Kaneis." This hiatus allowed him to recover and regain his vocal strength, marking a significant period of transition in his musical career.

5. He was discovered by Sony Greece

Notis Sfakianakis was discovered by Sony Greece, a branch of the multinational conglomerate Sony. It was through this discovery that he got the opportunity to release his debut album, "Proti Fora," in 1991. Sony Music Entertainment, commonly known as Sony Music, is an American multinational music company that falls under the ownership of Sony Entertainment and operates under the American umbrella division of Sony. With their support, Notis was able to launch his career and share his music with a broader audience.