Mauricio Umansky

Mauricio Umansky

Mauricio Umansky
Quick Facts About Mauricio Sneider
Celebrated Name Mauricio Umansky
Age 53 years old
Nick Name Mauricio Umansky
Birth Name Mauricio Simon Umansky Sneider
Birth Date 1970-06-25
Gender Male
Profession Real Estate Agent
Birth Nation Mexico
Nationality Mexican-American
Place of Birth Mexico
Ethnicity Mixed
Father Eduardo Umansky
Mother Estella Sneider
Horoscope Cancer
Religion Judaism
Sister Sharon Umansky
University University of Southern California
Net Worth $100 million
Source of Wealth Business Career
Marital Status Married and Divorced
Wife Kyle Richards
Children Alexia Umansky, Sophia Umansky, Portia Umansky
Sexual Orientation Straight
Height 5 feet 9 inches or 1.75 meters
Weight 78 kilograms or 171 pounds
Body Measurement 40-30-35 inches
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size 10 US
Hair Color Dark Brown

Mauricio Umansky, an American real estate agent and businessman hailing from Mexico, has made a name for himself beyond his association with Kyle Richards from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." While he is known as Richards' husband, Mauricio has achieved remarkable success in the real estate industry. With an impressive track record, he consistently sells over $150 million worth of properties annually, and this figure does not account for additional earnings from referrals and commissions within his network of agents. Serving as the CEO of The Agency, a thriving real estate firm, Mauricio has earned recognition as California's top realtor according to 'The Wall Street Journal.' In addition to his real estate endeavors, Mauricio has made appearances on popular TV shows such as "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," "Fox Business," and "CNN Money." Currently, he continues to hold the position of CEO in his own company, balancing his successful career and television appearances.

Who is Mauricio Umansky?

Mauricio Umansky is a successful real estate agent and businessman. As the CEO of The Agency, he consistently sells over $150 million worth of properties annually, earning recognition as California's top realtor. Additionally, he has made notable appearances on TV shows like "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and "Fox Business."

Mauricio Umansky, born on June 25, 1970, is currently 53 years old as of 2023. His full birth name is Mauricio Simon Umansky Sneider. He hails from Mexico and holds dual American-Mexican nationality. Mauricio's ethnicity is mixed, as he has Mexican-Greek-Russian heritage. He practices the Jewish faith and his zodiac sign is Cancer. Mauricio is the son of Eduardo Umansky, an entrepreneur, and Estella Sneider, a psychologist and sex therapist. She is also an on-air and on-screen personality on radio and television. In 1976, he and his family moved to the United States. During his early years, Mauricio Umansky faced a challenging upbringing marked by adversity. He was diagnosed with neutropenia, a medical condition characterized by an unusually low count of white blood cells. As a result, he experienced frequent hospital visits and spent a significant portion of his youth undergoing medical treatment. Mauricio has displayed intelligence from a young age. His parents are separated, and he grew up with his sister, Sharon Umansky. He obtained a bachelor's degree from the University of Southern California.

Mexican Real Estate Agent and Businessman, Mauricio Umansky

Mauricio Umansky embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 26, initially venturing into the fashion industry with a successful clothing line named 90265. However, his path soon led him to the world of real estate, where he joined Hilton & Hyland, a renowned real estate firm founded by his brother-in-law. Making an impressive debut, Mauricio sealed his first sale with a property valued at over $7.5 million. This early success set the stage for his future endeavors, and in 2011, he established his own real estate firm called 'The Agency.' Currently serving as the CEO, Mauricio focuses on luxury real estate in prestigious neighborhoods like Malibu, Holmby Hills, and Brentwood.

Notably, Mauricio has earned recognition as one of the country's top real estate agents, consistently achieving high rankings in official industry lists. He has appeared on reputable platforms such as CNN Money and Fox Business, contributing to discussions on the real estate market. However, Mauricio faced controversy when he was accused in a federal lawsuit of overselling a Malibu mansion valued at $32 million. The lawsuit alleged that he sold the property to Mauricio Oberfeld for $32.5 million, but it was later sold for $69.9 million, sparking a legal dispute.

In July 2011, Mauricio launched his own real estate business in Beverly Hills, California, under the name 'The Agency RE.' With more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, Mauricio serves as the founder and chief executive officer of the company. His expertise and achievements have garnered attention from various publications, which have featured his work and career journey. Additionally, Mauricio has made appearances on television, including the reality series "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica" in 2005, and he has been a guest on talk shows like "Today." His television credits also include appearances on shows like "Access Hollywood," "GMA3," and "The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip," showcasing his diverse range of ventures and interests.

How much is Mauricio Umansky Net Worth?

Mauricio Umansky is a prominent real estate agent and successful businessman, whose net worth is estimated to be around $100 million in 2023. With his considerable wealth, he leads a luxurious lifestyle alongside his family. Mauricio currently resides in a stunning villa located in the prestigious Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. This remarkable residence spans 10,600 square feet, and includes an expansive 800-square-foot exterior balcony, seven bedrooms, and eight bathrooms. Additionally, he possesses private jets and an impressive collection of cars. It is worth mentioning that Mauricio, unfortunately, experienced a burglary at his house, resulting in the loss of valuable items such as jewelry and watches, estimated to be worth approximately $1-2 million. Regrettably, the culprits were never apprehended. Mauricio's primary source of wealth stems from his successful business career, allowing him to enjoy his opulent lifestyle at present.

In 2011, Mauricio and Kyle purchased a mansion in LA's Bel-Air neighborhood for $3 million, which served as the primary filming location for "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." After listing the property for sale in 2017, they eventually accepted an offer of $6.5 million in January 2022. Furthermore, in October 2017, Kyle and Mauricio acquired a home in Encino, California for $8.2 million. They also own a property in La Quinta, California that they purchased for $2.35 million in 2014.

Who is Mauricio Umansky Wife?

Mauricio Umansky was previously married man to his wife, Kyle Richards, who is an American actress, socialite, television personality, and philanthropist. They tied the knot in January 1996, with Kyle being four months pregnant with their second daughter, Alexia Umansky, born on June 18, 1996. The duo dated in the year 1994. The two met via their mutual friend at a party. Kyle Richards is a regular member of a reality show titled "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" since 2010. The couple also shares two more daughters, Sophia Umansky, born in 2000, and Portia Umansky, born in 2008. However, on July 3, 2023, the People magazine reported that Richards and Umansky have separated after 27 years of marriage. Mauricio is straight when it comes to his sexuality. 

Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards Divorce

How tall is Mauricio Umansky?

Mauricio Umansky is a handsome man with a slim body type. He stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches or 1.75 meters and weighs around 78 kilograms or 171 pounds. His biceps measure approximately 14 inches, and his overall body measurements (chest-waist-hips) are 40-30-35 inches. Mauricio wears a shoe size of 10 in the US. He has captivating brown eyes and dark brown hair, completing his attractive appearance. Overall, he has got a healthy body and he maintains his body a lot by doing frequent exercise. 

5 Facts About Mauricio Umansky

1. Fashion was his first calling

Mauricio Umansky's innate talent in the real estate industry may seem effortless, but his career path actually began in a completely different realm. Fresh out of college, Umansky ventured into the fashion world by starting his own clothing company called 90265, named after the zip code of Malibu. With a focus on women's fashion, the company experienced significant success. Umansky claims to have pioneered the trend of oversized T-shirts paired with leggings for women, as he revealed in an interview with Worth. While the accuracy of that claim may be subjective, it is undeniable that 90265 thrived, ultimately leading to Umansky's profitable sale of the company at the young age of 26. Although Umansky eventually shifted gears and pursued his passions in the real estate industry, his experience in the fashion business served as a solid foundation for his future endeavors. Reflecting on his time with 90265, Umansky expressed his enjoyment of the business and the valuable lessons he learned along the way before deciding to sell the company. The fashion world acted as a springboard for Umansky, propelling him toward his flourishing career in real estate.

2. He comes from a successful family

Mauricio Umansky's success in business and real estate runs deep within his family roots, inherited from his father, Eduardo Umansky. Eduardo, a graduate of the National University of Mexico with an accounting degree, ventured into various business endeavors, including textile manufacturing and real estate. Notably, he co-founded The Agency, solidifying the family's presence in the real estate industry. Mauricio's mother, Dr. Estella Sneider, is an accomplished individual in her own right. Having obtained a Ph.D. in psychology from the California Graduate Institute in 1986, she is a licensed psychologist and sex therapist. Dr. Sneider's career expands beyond academia, as she has hosted TV shows such as "Doctor Corazón" and "LIVE Today with John Johnson & Dr. Estella Sneider" on LA Talk Radio. Her professional achievements continue to flourish, with two upcoming books in the works titled "SEXploration: GPS to Ecstasy" and "SEXploration: Penis Personality!" Fans of "RHOBH" have had glimpses of Dr. Estella's presence on the show, including an episode where she courageously underwent a facelift procedure. Although the experience might have seemed daunting, it's hard to deny that she emerged looking absolutely incredible. The Umansky family's notable achievements and their appearances on television demonstrate their multifaceted talents and contributions in various fields.

3. He has been on other reality TV shows as well

Mauricio is a familiar face on the reality TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH), but his television appearances extend beyond that. You might spot him in other TV programs as well, as he has made appearances on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, where he collaborates with agents David Parnes and James Harris at The Agency. Additionally, Mauricio has showcased his expertise on E!'s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, serving as a mentor to Brendan Fitzpatrick, a cast member who also works at The Agency. His TV presence further expands to ABC Family's Job or No Job, where he conducts interviews with candidates seeking real estate-focused positions. Mauricio's versatility and involvement in multiple television shows demonstrate his extensive industry experience and his ability to make an impact in various television formats.

4. He had health issues as a child

Mauricio Umansky, known as one of Bravo's most attractive "Real Housewives" husbands, exemplifies a healthy lifestyle with his regular workout regimen and diverse outdoor hobbies including wakeboarding, snow sports, and golf. However, his journey to robust health wasn't without its challenges. As a child, Umansky battled neutropenia, a rare disease that compromised his immune system and led to numerous hospitalizations. Kyle Richards, Umansky's wife, shared details about his condition on an episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," explaining how he spent a significant portion of his early life at Children's Hospital. Thankfully, Umansky overcame the disorder and now dedicates his time to raising awareness and supporting charitable events that benefit Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. In 2014, a heartwarming video surfaced featuring Umansky and his mother, Dr. Estella Sneider, dancing together as part of the 15-second dance challenge for neutropenia, showcasing their commitment to the cause.

5. He is great at golf

Mauricio Umansky displays exceptional skill and prowess when it comes to golf. Known for his talent on the golf course, he showcases a remarkable ability to navigate the fairways and greens with precision and finesse. Whether it's his impeccable swing, strategic approach to the game, or innate understanding of the sport, Umansky's proficiency in golf is widely recognized and admired. With his dedication and passion for the game, he consistently demonstrates his mastery of this challenging sport, earning him a reputation as a formidable golfer.