Jyoti Amge

Jyoti Amge

Jyoti Amge
Quick Facts About Jyoti Amge
Celebrated Name Jyoti Amge
Age 30 years old
Nick Name Jyoti Amge
Birth Name Jyoti Kishanji Amge
Birth Date 1993-12-16
Gender Female
Profession Indian actress
Place of Birth Nagpur, India
Nationality Indian
Parents Ranjana Amge, Kishanji Amge
Mother Ranjana Amge
Father Kishanji Amge
Sister Rupali Amge, Vaishali Amge, Archana Amge
Brother Satish Amge
Occupation Model, actress
Famous for World's shortest living woman
Height 62.8 cm (2 ft 3⁄4 in)
Weight 4 kg (9 lb)

Jyoti Amge is the world's shortest woman with a height of 62.8 cm. She was officially declared the World's Shortest Living Woman according to the Guinness World Records.

Jyoti Amge Biography

Jyoti Kishanji Amge is an Indian actress born on December 16, 1993, in Nagpur, India. Jyoti grew up like any other child until around the age of five. However, a condition called achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism halted her physical growth. She grew up alongside her parents and siblings. 

Jyoti attended a regular school alongside children her age, albeit with a custom-sized desk and chair catering to her stature. Jyoti completed her MA (Master of Arts) degree, demonstrating her commitment to learning and personal growth.

In 2011, Jyoti officially earned the title of "Shortest Living Woman" by Guinness World Records.

Jyoti Amge with her mother and father

Jyoti Amge Movies and TV Shows

Jyoti Amge is an actress, known for American Horror Story, Bigg Boss 6, World's Smallest Woman: Meet Jyoti, Maaltharam, and Body Shock.


  • CAVE iN (2019)
  • The World's Smallest Woman: Meet Jyoti (2020 TV Movie)


  • American Horror Story (2014) - Season 4: Freak Show
  • Bigg Boss (2011) - Season 6 (Indian Reality Show)
  • Entertainment Tonight (2014) - Interview
  • American Horror Story FreakShow: Extra-Ordinary-Artists (2014) 


  • Susana Giménez (2014) - Talk Show (Argentina)
  • Beyond the Record (2017-2018) - Documentary Series
  • Lo show dei record (2012) - Italian TV Show

Jyoti Amge: Being Proud of Being Different

Jyoti Amge's story inspires a lot of people. She shows that real strength comes from being brave, determined, and staying positive. By being proud of who she is and doing what she loves, she sets a good example for others who may be going through tough times. She proves that you can achieve anything if you have the right attitude.

Facts about the World's Shortest Woman, Jyoti Amge

Here are some of the interesting facts you need to know about the World's Shortest Living Woman, Jyoti Amge 

1. Jyoti Amge stands at 62.8 centimeters (2 ft 3⁄4 in) tall, and weighs only 4 kg (9 lb).

2. She was featured In documentaries and television shows like American Horror Story: Freak Show, Body Shock: Two Foot Tall Teen, and Bigg Boss 6 

3. Jyoti Amge's parents are Ranjana Amge and Kishanji, she has four siblings: Rupali, Satish, Vaishali, and Archana.

4. Jyoti likes to do things on her own and have her own space. She enjoys putting on makeup by herself and keeps her room just for herself.

5. A lover of makeup, she is particularly fond of foreign brands and takes pride in her skill at applying cosmetics, preferring not to share her collection with others.

6. Jyoti's spirit is larger than life. She has traveled extensively, visiting countries such as Japan, Italy, Europe, America, Turkey, Kuwait, China, Romania, and Argentina, and even spent six months in the United States.

7. In her free time, Jyoti loves to shop, especially for pink dresses, and enjoys hanging out at malls. 

8. Jyoti jokes about her height, saying she's not scared of it because she can't reach tall things. But, she's honest about being scared of the dark, like many people.

9. Met the world's shortest man, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, in 2012.

10. Jyoti has reportedly not undergone any surgery.

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