Gosho Aoyama

Gosho Aoyama

Gosho Aoyama
Quick Facts About Yoshimasa Aoyama
Celebrated Name Gosho Aoyama
Age 60 years old
Nick Name Yoshimasa Aoyama
Birth Name Yoshimasa Aoyama
Birth Date 1963-06-21
Gender Male
Profession Manga Artist
Birth Nation Japan
Nationality Japanese
Place of Birth Hokuei
Ethnicity Japanese-Asian
High School Yuraikuei High School
University Nihon University College of Art
Net Worth $35 Million
Source of Wealth Manga Artist Career
Salary $1 Million+
Marital Status Married and Divorced
Wife Minami Takayama (ex)
Sexual Orientation Straight

Gosho Aoyama is a Japanese manga artist. He is famous for his iconic manga series "Case Closed" (known as "Detective Conan"), which has been captivating readers since 1994. His journey as a manga artist began with his debut work, "Chotto Mattete," published in the pages of Weekly Shōnen Sunday in the winter of 1987. Aoyama's creative prowess continued to shine as he produced the series "Yaiba" between 1988 and 1993, comprising a remarkable 24 volumes. Notably, by 2017, his collective manga works had amassed an impressive total of 250 million copies in print worldwide.

Gosho Aoyama Biography

Gosho Aoyama, a celebrated Japanese manga artist, is known for "Case Closed" (or "Detective Conan") since 1994. His manga career began with "Chotto Mattete" in 1987, and "Yaiba" spanned 24 volumes from 1988 to 1993. 

Gosho Aoyama, born on June 21, 1963, hails from Hokuei, Japan. Yoshimasa Aoyama is his birth name. He holds Japanese nationality and identifies with Japanese-Asian ethnicity. Even from a young age, his talent in drawing was evident, with one of his elementary school paintings, "Yukiai War," winning a competition and being showcased at the Tottori Daimaru Department Store. Aoyama has an older brother who assists him with the "gimmicks" in "Case Closed," and another sibling who is a doctor.

His passion for manga was nurtured early, as his father bought him his first manga in kindergarten, and he declared his ambition to become a manga artist during elementary school. Aoyama attended Yuraikuei High School and further pursued his artistic aspirations at Nihon University College of Art in Tokyo. During his college years, he achieved recognition by winning a comic contest for freshmen students in the winter of 1986. Interestingly, he also had a part-time job at Tokyo Disneyland, where he was involved in painting backgrounds for the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. 

Gosho Aoyama Career

Gosho Aoyama embarked on his manga artist journey with the debut of "Chotto Mattete," published in the winter of 1987 in the pages of Weekly Shōnen Sunday magazine. Shortly thereafter, he introduced "Magic Kaito" in the same publication, where the protagonist Kaito Kuroba later made a significant appearance in "Case Closed." Aoyama continued to expand his creative repertoire between 1988 and 1993 with the creation of "Yaiba," a series spanning 24 volumes.

Subsequently, he contributed to manga series released as single volumes, including "Third Baseman No.4" and "Gosho Aoyama's Collection of Short Stories." Beyond manga, Aoyama also showcased his character design talents in the "Twilight of Edo Japan" chapter of the 1994 video game "Live A Live." Notably, Aoyama's pivotal work came with the serialization of "Case Closed" in Weekly Shōnen Sunday, commencing on January 19, 1994, and when it was introduced in English, it was titled "Case Closed."

Japanese Manga Artist, Gosho Aoyama

Gosho Aoyama Awards and Achievements

Gosho Aoyama, the acclaimed manga artist, garnered two prestigious Shogakukan Manga Awards for "Yaiba" in 1992 and "Case Closed" in 2001. His hometown, Hokuei, has honored his contributions with town revitalization projects, including the Conan Bridge and "Case Closed" statues. In 2007, the Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory, a museum dedicated to his career, was established, cementing his lasting impact on the manga world.

Gosho Aoyama Net Worth In 2023

Gosho Aoyama, the highly skilled manga artist, has a substantial net worth of $35 million as of 2023, with an annual income surpassing $1 million. His primary source of wealth stems from his illustrious manga artist career. Notably, as of 2017, his diverse manga series had collectively achieved an impressive 250 million copies in print worldwide, solidifying his status as a prolific and influential figure in the industry and affording him a lavish lifestyle.

Who is Gosho Aoyama Wife, Minami Takayama?

Gosho Aoyama was a married man previously. He tied the knot to his ex-wife, Minami Takayama. Minami is a Japanese voice actress, narrator, and singer who is known for Two-Mix and a voice actress for Conan in the anime adaptation of Case Closed. The duo tied the knot on 5th May 2005 and on December 10, 2007, the two divorced. After his divorce, he is single. 

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Facts About Gosho Aoyama

In first grade, his painting of "Yukiai War" won a competition

Even as a child, his artistic talent was evident, and it became even more apparent in his first-grade years when his painting of "Yukiai War" not only excelled but also secured a competition victory, earning the privilege of being showcased at the prestigious Tottori Daimaru Department Store, a testament to his remarkable skill and early artistic promise.

He joined a comic contest for freshmen in 1986

In 1986, Gosho embarked on his journey as a manga artist by participating in a comic contest for newcomers, where he emerged victorious, marking a pivotal moment in his career. The subsequent year, in 1987, he made his debut as a manga author with his earliest work titled "Chotto Mattete" (Wait a Minute), which was published in the pages of the Shonen Sunday magazine, laying the foundation for his prolific career in the world of manga.

Minami Takayama is his ex-wife

Minami Takayama, the ex-wife of renowned manga artist Gosho Aoyama, is a multifaceted talent in the Japanese entertainment industry. She is a prolific voice actress, accomplished narrator, and a skilled singer, currently represented by 81 Produce Talent Agency. Notably, she served as the lead vocalist for musical groups like Two-Mix and ES CONNEXION during their active years. Minami Takayama and Gosho Aoyama tied the knot in 2005 but unfortunately parted ways in 2007, marking the end of their marital journey.