Faye Hadley

Faye Hadley

Faye Hadley
Quick Facts About Faye Hadley
Celebrated Name Faye Hadley
Age 37 years old
Nick Name Faye Hadley
Birth Name Faye Hadley
Birth Date 1986-09-25
Gender Female
Profession Catalyst, Entrepreneur, Automotive Technician
Birth Nation United States
Nationality American
Education Harvard University
Ethnicity White

Who is Faye Hadley?

Faye Hadley is a catalyst, entrepreneur automotive technician, the owner of Pistons & PixieDust (mobile automotive repair and education by women, for women) as well as one of the founders of #WomanAndMachine, an organization of tradeswomen that hosts day-long, female-centered, automotive workshops across the country.

Where did Faye Hadley went for college?

Faye was good at her studies from childhood. Her father has a Ph. D. from MIT and that fact influenced her a lot during her teenage. She completed her education at Harvard University in 2010 and earned a degree in Psychology, following which she began working full time as a therapist. But she was not happy. 

Why is Faye Hadley famous?

Well, there are numerous famous female icons in the field of music, acting, reality shows but not many in the garage. Most female wouldn't pick working in the garage as their best interest. That's what distinguishes her from all personalities. she is well known from her youtube channel Faye Hadley where she has over 31k subscribers where she uploads her videos for car and machines works and viewers of her classes are over millions. She has become one of the most inspiring and renowned female icons in the world of automobiles as she owns a company, Pistons & PixiDust and is the founder of woman and machine which is the organization of tradeswomen that helps to build automotive skills for women. She is pretty skilled in her work and has many loyal customers. She has got her hands around with big brands of cars including Volkswagen.

Where did Faye Hadley first work?

In pursuit of her life long dream, she left the job of a therapist and struggled to find a job as no one would hire her. Eventually, she got a position as an unpaid intern at a garage, where she worked for a year. During this time, she took several classes at the local community college, which helped her in getting a job at a Toyota dealership, where she continued her education and received several certifications through Toyota. From there, she was recruited by a well-known local independent shop, which specialized in older vehicles. Hoping to widen her knowledge, she accepted the job. She found out that many of her loyal clients followed her to the new garage. This inspired her to launch Pistons & Pixiedust, an auto repair and education foundation “by women, for women” aiming to “bridge the gap between women and their machines.” The shop is located in San Antonio, Texas.

How does Faye Hadley look like?

There are no concrete measurements for her figure but as observers perspective learned to form the social media pictures, she is of average height. she got black hair and brown eyes. She looks kind of cute in her looks she seems very fond of tattoos.

How much is Faye Hadley Salary?

Her exact salary and net worth are still not revealed. However, She has a youtube channel where she teaches classes for cars and machines. Just only through her channel, it is estimated that she has succeeded to accumulate a net worth of $65,000.

Is Faye Hadley married?

Faye began a relationship with Brandon Hadley, a wood artist, in late 2015. A year later, they tied the knots on September 25, 2016, which is also Faye’s birthday. Faye and Brandon were best friends before turning to husband and wife. Their Instagram showcases numerous loved-up pictures of them which show how much they mean to each other.

Why was Faye Hadley fascinated by cars/machines?

Since childhood, Faye has been fascinated by machinery and vehicles. Her interest in becoming a mechanic was cemented by a 2007 cross-country road trip in a VW Rabbit that she converted to run on waste vegetable oil. After her return to the Northeast, Faye completed her education at Harvard University, graduating with a degree in Psychology in 2010. While working full-time as a therapist, she apprenticed in her off-hours with a mechanic in Providence, RI, where she was taught basic skills in exchange for taking care of shop tasks like cleaning, ordering parts, and disassembling junk cars. Soon, she was ready to pursue her dream full-time and moved to Portland, OR where she returned to school to learn the automotive trade, working evenings at a local independent garage to pay the bills. After completing several classes at the local community college, she was offered a job at a nearby Toyota dealership where she continued her education, receiving several certifications through Toyota. From there, she was recruited by a well-known independent shop, which specialized in older vehicles but was expanding to include Toyota and hybrid repair. Hoping to widen her knowledge base and experience, she accepted the job, and found that many loyal customers followed her there; they appreciated her enthusiasm and the way she included them in the process, empowering them to understand more about the way their cars operated. Their interest and encouragement led her to teach automotive classes after hours, which is now an integral part of her business.

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