Fabrizio Romano

Fabrizio Romano

Fabrizio Romano
Quick Facts About Fabrizio Romano
Celebrated Name Fabrizio Romano
Age 31 years old
Nick Name Fabrizio Romano
Birth Name Fabrizio Romano
Birth Date 1993-02-21
Gender Male
Profession Football Journalist
Birth Nation Italy
Nationality Italian
Place of Birth Naples
Ethnicity Italian-White
Religion Christian
Horoscope Pisces
University Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Net Worth $1 million
Sources of Wealth Journalism Career
Height 1.77 m
Weight 72 KG
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Body Build/Type Slim

Fabrizio Romano is a prominent Italian football journalist, YouTuber, and reporter, renowned for his extensive knowledge and reliability in football transfer news. He has worked for Sky Sports Italy and has established strong connections with clubs, agents, and intermediaries across Europe. Romano is the founder and director of SOS Fanta, a popular fantasy football community in Italy, and the creator of The Here We Go Podcast. His career took off when he was hired at the age of 19 by Sky Sports Italy, following his breakthrough story on Mauro Icardi's transfer to Inter. He has also contributed to The Guardian and CBS, showcasing his expertise in football transfers. With his active presence on social media, particularly on Twitter and Instagram, Romano shares editorials, predictions, scores, and transfer updates with his followers. His announcement of Jadon Sancho's transfer to Manchester United on June 30 was highly anticipated. Romano is widely trusted as a football transfer specialist and has solidified his reputation in the industry.

Who is Fabrizio Romano?

Fabrizio Romano is a renowned Italian football journalist, YouTuber, and reporter known for his expertise in football transfer news. With connections to clubs, agents, and intermediaries across Europe, he has worked for Sky Sports Italy, contributed to The Guardian and CBS, and founded SOS Fanta and The Here We Go Podcast. His updates and announcements on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram, have made him a trusted source in the industry. Romano's career skyrocketed at the age of 19 with his breakthrough story on Mauro Icardi's transfer to Inter, and he continues to deliver highly anticipated transfer news, including Jadon Sancho's move to Manchester United.

Fabrizio Romano, born on February 21, 1993, hails from Naples, Italy. He holds Italian nationality and belongs to the Italian-White ethnicity. His religious affiliation is Christianity, and he falls under the zodiac sign of Pisces. Details about his parents and siblings have not been made public, as he has maintained a level of privacy regarding his personal life. In terms of education, Fabrizio attended Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, where he pursued his academic endeavors.

Italian Football Journalist, Fabrizio Romano

Fabrizio Romano's passion for football writing ignited at the age of 16 while he was still in high school. Two years later, his career as a football transfer journalist took off when he received insider information from an Italian agent in Barcelona, specifically about Mauro Icardi, a player at FC Barcelona during that time. This breakthrough paved the way for Romano to join Sky Sports Italy at the age of 19, where he diligently established a vast network of contacts with clubs, agents, and intermediaries across Europe. Alongside his role at Sky Sports Italy, Romano also contributes as a reporter for esteemed publications such as The Guardian and CBS Sports. Based in Milan, he has become renowned for his distinctive catchphrase "Here we go!" which he uses to announce transfer deals. 

Widely regarded as one of the most trustworthy pundits in the realm of football transfers, Romano's solid reputation and substantial social media following have led numerous football clubs to seek his participation in player announcement videos. According to 90min, he is recognized as one of the most reliable figures in transfer-related news within the sport. His trusted status, coupled with his significant social media presence, has resulted in several football clubs approaching him to collaborate on player announcement videos, emphasizing his prominent influence in the football community.

Who is Fabrizio Romano girlfriend?

While there have been rumors about Fabrizio Romano being in a relationship with his beautiful girlfriend, the details about his personal life remain private. It is believed that he has a girlfriend based in Milan, but he prefers to keep their relationship out of the public eye and refrains from sharing information or posting about it on social media. As of now, there is no information about him having any children. With a strong focus on his professional career, Fabrizio appears to be enjoying his life and dedicating himself to his work in the field of football journalism. His sexual orientation is straight and he is not gay. 

What is Fabrizio Romano Net Worth?

Fabrizio Romano, the renowned football journalist, has amassed an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2023, primarily through his successful career in journalism. With his expertise and dedication, he earns a substantial annual income from his profession. This financial success allows him to maintain a cool and comfortable lifestyle. As a prominent figure in the world of football journalism, Fabrizio Romano continues to make significant contributions to the field while enjoying the rewards of his hard work and expertise. 

How tall is Fabrizio Romano?

Fabrizio Romano is a renowned football journalist known for his expertise and insider knowledge of the sport. Standing at a height of 1.77 meters and weighing 72 kilograms, he has a well-built physique. His captivating black eyes and brown hair add to his charismatic appearance. He has got a healthy body right now while his body type is slim. With his cool demeanor and insightful reporting, Fabrizio has become a trusted source for football news and transfers, earning him a significant following in the world of sports journalism. 

Fabrizio Romano has worked for Sky Sport Italy

5 Facts About Fabrizio Romano

1. Romano is a supporter of English club Watford

Fabrizio Romano is a known supporter of the English football club Watford. His passion and loyalty for the team are evident through his social media presence, where he often shares updates, analyses, and expressions of support for Watford. As a prominent football journalist, Romano's affiliation with the club adds to his overall connection and understanding of the sport, further solidifying his credibility and rapport with fans of both Watford and football in general. 

2. He is multilingual

Fabrizio Romano is a highly skilled multilingual individual, proficient in several languages including English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. His linguistic abilities have proven to be invaluable in his career as a football journalist, allowing him to communicate effectively with players, agents, and professionals from different countries. Romano's fluency in multiple languages enables him to gather accurate information, conduct interviews, and provide comprehensive coverage of football news to a diverse audience. His linguistic versatility has undoubtedly contributed to his reputation as a trusted and well-rounded journalist in the industry.

3. His career as a football transfer specialist began at the age of 18

His career as a football transfer specialist began at the age of 18 when he obtained confidential insider information from an Italian expert in Barcelona. Romano began working for Sky Sports Italy at the age of 19 and has been there ever since. He has a vast network of contacts in clubs, experts, and agents throughout Europe. Romano also writes a column for The Guardian and has a large following on social media. He is currently in Milan, believing it to be the epicenter of Italian football.

4. He also writes for CBS Sports and is the creator of SOS Fanta

In addition to his contributions to various media outlets, Fabrizio Romano is an esteemed writer for CBS Sports and the mastermind behind SOS Fanta, a popular fantasy football website launched in 2014. His daily routine involves around 50 phone calls, connecting with key figures such as officials and managers, and frequently visiting renowned inns and training centers associated with football clubs. This hands-on approach allows Romano to gather exclusive insights and updates directly from the sources, enhancing his reputation as a trusted authority in the world of football transfers.

5. His life consists of at least 50 phone calls each day

Fabrizio Romano's daily routine revolves around an incredibly busy schedule that includes a minimum of 50 phone calls per day. In addition to his extensive phone conversations, he actively keeps tabs on various prominent hotels and headquarters associated with football clubs, anticipating the presence of agents or directors. This proactive approach allows Romano to stay connected with the latest developments and maintain his status as a well-informed football journalist, ensuring he brings the most accurate and up-to-date transfer news to his followers and readers.