Elena Cornaro Piscopia

Elena Cornaro Piscopia

Elena Cornaro Piscopia
Quick Facts About Elena Piscopia
Celebrated Name Elena Cornaro Piscopia
Age 377 years old
Nick Name Elena
Birth Name Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia
Birth Date 1646-06-05
Gender Female
Profession Philosopher
Birth Nation Venice
Place of Birth Ca' Loredan, Venice, Republic of Venice
Nationality Venetian
Horoscope Gemini
Father Gianbattista Cornaro-Piscopia
Mother Zanetta Boni
Education University of Padua
Height Will Add Soon
Ethnicity Venetian (White)
Religion Christian

Who is Elena Cornaro Piscopia?

A Venetian philosopher of noble descent who in 1678 became one of the first women to receive an academic degree from a university is named as Elena Cornaro Piscopia. She is also known in English as Helen Cornaro. 

What is the real name of Elena Cornaro Piscopia?

The real name of Elena Cornaro Piscopia is Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia. 

When was Elena born?

Elena was born on 5th June 1946. 

When did Elena die?

Elena died on 26th July 1684 in Padua, the Republic of Venice at the age of 38. 

What is the cause of the death of Elena?

Elena died because of tuberculosis and was buried in the church of Santa Giustina. Her statue was placed in the university.

Where was Elena born?

Elena was born in Ca' Loredan, Venice, Republic of Venice.

What is the nationality and ethnicity of Elena?

The nationality and ethnicity of Elena is Venetian. 

What is the zodiac sign of Elena?

Gemini is the zodiac sign of Elena. 

Who are the parents of Elena?

Elena was the third child of Gianbattista Cornaro-Piscopia (father) and his mistress Zanetta Boni (mother). Her mother was a peasant and her parents were not married at the time of her birth. Gianbattista and Zanetta married officially in 1654, but their children were barred from noble privilege, which called him. Her father was chosen to become the Procuratore di San Marco de supra, the treasurer of St. Mark's Cathedral, a coveted position among Venetian nobility in 1664. 

What was the education qualification of Elena?

Elena studied Latin and Greek under distinguished instructors and became proficient in these languages, as well as French and Spanish by the age of 7. She also mastered Hebrew and Arabic, earning the title of Oraculum Septilingue ("Seven-language Oracle"). She later studies included mathematics, philosophy, and theology. She also became an expert musician, mastering the harpsichord, the clavichord, the harp, and the violin. She attended the University of Padua. 

How tall is Elena?

Elena was a very beautiful woman with a charming smile on her face. She had a perfect height with a balanced weight. Her exact information on her height and weight will be added soon. 

Who is the husband of Elena?

There is no information about her marital life. 

What makes Elena famous?

After translating the Colloquy of Christ by Carthusian monk Lanspergius from Spanish into Italian in 1669, Elena started her fame. She was invited to be a part of many scholarly societies when her fame spread and in 1670 she became president of the Venetian society Accademia dei Pacifici. She spoke for an hour in Classical Latin, explaining difficult passages selected at random from the works of Aristotle: one from the Posterior Analytics and the other from the Physics. She was proclaimed Magistra et Doctrix Philosophiae ["teacher and doctor in philosophy"]. On 5th June 2019, Google celebrated her 373rd birthday with a Google Doodle.