Bianca Devins

Bianca Devins

Bianca Devins
Quick Facts About Bianca Devins
Celebrated Name Bianca Devins
Age 22 years old
Nick Name Bianca Devins
Birth Name Bianca Devins
Birth Date 2002-00-00
Gender Female
Profession Model
Place of Birth Utica, New York.
Sister Olivia Devins
Education Thomas R. Proctor High School
Famous for model and an e-girl
Marital Status Unmarried
Mother step mother -Kaleigh

Who is Bianca Devins?

Bianca Devins was a 17-year-old model and an e-girl from Utica, New York, who was murdered on July 14, 2019, by a New York man identified as Brandon Clark, who also goes by the name Brandon Kuwaliski.

Why is Bianca Devins Famous?

Bianca is famous for being making a huge headline for her homicide pictures being posted on July 14, 2019, by her rumored boyfriend Brandon Clark who is a prime suspect himself.

Where is Bianca Devins From?

Bianca was born in 2002 in Utica, New York. Not much of her early life information is available at the moment. All that is know are, she has a sister, Olivia Devins, and stepmother by the named Kaleigh. Bianca Devins was a recent graduate of Thomas R. Proctor High School in Utica, New York. She worked as a model and was a “girl” and frequently posted photos on Instagram and Tumblr.

What is the Bianca Devins Profession?

Bianca Devins was a graduate of Thomas R. Proctor High School in Utica, New York. She worked as a model and was an “e-girl” e-girl are teens and young women who use social media sites to post about “emo-style” fashion, anime and video games. Bianca posts photos on Instagram and Tumblr about video games and anime.

Who is Bianca Devins' Boyfriend?

Bianca Devins boyfriend is rumored to be the same person who is the prime suspect for her death, Brandon Clark, 
who also goes by the name Brandon Kowalski.

What are Bianca Devins Rumors?

Police confirmed the photos were posted by Clark. “During this time it is believed that he took and distributed photographs of the killing on the Discord platform. Members of Discord then viewed the images and posts and contacted the Utica Police Department. We can confirm that the images distributed of both the victim and the offender’s injuries are authentic and occurred at the time of the incident.  We are actively working with the various social media platforms to address the sharing and distribution of these images,”
 Utica Police said in a statement.

What is Bianca Devin's Net Worth?

Bianca Devin's net worth is not known yet.

How Tall is Bianca Devins?

Her physical measurements are still not available but just to the observer, she is very beautiful in look and has a slim body as she is 17 years an old teenage girl.
She had at least two active Instagram profiles, under the names beegtfo and esctybianca. Her Instagram profile esctybianca has over 38.1k followers. According to her Friends, she was active in gaming and other online communities, including on gamer Discord chats and 4Chan.

Facts to be known about Bianca Devin

After she was killed and the story spread online, her account gained more than 40,000 followers, up from about 800. Her family has said that she was not killed by a stalker she met online on Discord chat, but by someone she knew in real life who was also known to the family. She was also an active and prolific user of the 4Chan image sharing site.

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