Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor (Guitarist)

Andy Taylor
Quick Facts About Andrew Taylor
Celebrated Name Andy Taylor
Age 63 years old
Nick Name Andy Taylor
Birth Name Andrew James Taylor
Birth Date 1961-02-16
Gender Male
Profession Guitarist

Andy Taylor is an English guitarist. Famous for his pivotal role across three periods with Duran Duran and his tenure with the Power Station, Taylor's musical prowess extends far and wide. Notably, he has made significant contributions as a solo artist, as well as a guitarist, songwriter, and record producer for an impressive array of artists including Robert Palmer, Rod Stewart, and Belinda Carlisle, among others. Taylor's journey into music began at the tender age of eleven, leading him to perform with local bands and even produce one at just sixteen. His entry into Duran Duran in April 1980 proved transformative, as he skillfully shaped their early songs, collaborating creatively with keyboardist Nick Rhodes to solidify melodies and fuse punk, disco, and electronic influences into harmonious structures. While his initial six-year tenure came to a realization of mutual decline, Taylor's rekindled involvement in March 2023 saw him rejoin Duran Duran for a new album endeavor. Beyond music, Taylor co-founded in 2007 and penned his autobiography "Wild Boy: My Life in Duran Duran" in 2008, offering insights into his life journey from a youth within an extended family to his life alongside his wife Tracey.

Who is Andy Taylor?

Andy Taylor, the renowned English guitarist of Duran Duran and Power Station fame, influences diverse music realms with solo work, guitar artistry, songwriting, and production for luminaries like Robert Palmer. Launching his musical odyssey at eleven, he shaped Duran Duran's early hits from 1980, melding punk, disco, and electronic elements. Returning to the fold in 2023, Taylor rejoined Duran Duran. He unveiled his life's journey alongside his wife Tracey in the 2008 autobiography "Wild Boy."

Born as Andrew James Taylor on February 16, 1961, in Tynemouth, Northumberland, England, Andy Taylor spent his early years in the charming town of Cullercoats in the same region. Proudly British by nationality and of British-White ethnicity, Andrew Taylor, now 62, is an enigmatic guitarist who, despite his widespread acclaim, has chosen to keep his parents' identities shrouded from the media's scrutiny. His educational journey included Marden High School, but he charted a unique path, leaving formal education behind to embark on an early musical odyssey. Touring across England and Europe, he graced working men's clubs and air force bases, sowing the seeds of his remarkable musical journey.

Andy Taylor's musical journey began at age eleven, leading him to local bands and even producing his own at sixteen. His early schooling included guitar tuition from Dave Black, a former Spiders from Mars member. Dropping out, he embarked on tours across England and Europe, playing at diverse venues. In April 1980, Taylor's journey led him to Birmingham, a significant turning point in his career. Duran Duran's ascent to fame found its roots in the Birmingham club "Rum Runner," shaped by the era's fusion of house, disco, punk, and electronic music. Andy Taylor's arrival in April 1980 marked a pivotal creative force, collaborating with Nick Rhodes to craft the band's eclectic mix of punk, disco, and electronic styles into cohesive structures. The band's signing to EMI Records in December 1980 swiftly led to the release of their debut single "Planet Earth" and self-titled album, propelling them to global success by 1983. During Duran Duran's hiatus in 1985, Andy Taylor and bassist John Taylor joined forces with Tony Thompson and Robert Palmer to form Power Station. Their eponymous album achieved chart success, with hits like "Some Like It Hot" and "Get It On (Bang a Gong)." Taylor's involvement continued as he performed at Live Aid and collaborated on Robert Palmer's album "Riptide," all while navigating the complex dynamics of the evolving music industry.

After six years as a Duran Duran member, Andy Taylor recognized a deteriorating relationship within the band and a geographical dispersion, notably residing on different continents. Settled in Los Angeles, he forged a partnership with ex-Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones, embarking on a solo project while contributing the hit single "Take It Easy" for the movie American Anthem. Amidst collaborations, Taylor's debut solo album "Thunder" emerged in 1987, featuring the notable track "Don't Let Me Die Young." He subsequently played a pivotal role in co-writing and co-producing Rod Stewart's successful album "Out of Order." Taylor transitioned into full-time producing, working with UK bands throughout the 1990s, before reuniting with Duran Duran in 2001 to record "Astronaut" and participating in a world tour. However, subsequent disputes led to his departure from the band, with Taylor resuming his music career in 2019, touring and releasing new music. After producing Reef's album, he rejoined Duran Duran in 2023 for a new recording venture.

In November 2007, Andy Taylor co-founded alongside Sarah Eaglesfield, the former Flightside vocalist and webmistress at, aiming to empower unsigned artists by providing a platform to sell MP3s, merchandise, and promote their music while retaining 100% of profits. This venture introduced a pioneering profit-sharing model, distributing listener signup income to participating bands. Taylor transferred control to Eaglesfield in June 2008, retaining ownership of RockAffairs Ltd in the UK. In 2008, he authored "Wild Boy: My Life in Duran Duran," an autobiographical account offering insights into his upbringing, his journey with his wife Tracey, and Duran Duran's rise, delving into their music, collaborations, and struggles with substance abuse during the era of early MTV.

Andy Taylor is a British guitarist, songwriter, and record producer

Who is Andy Taylor's Wife?

Andy Taylor, a devoted husband, entered matrimonial bliss with his lovely spouse, Tracey Wilson, in 1982, and their enduring love story recently marked its 40th year in 2022. Blessed with four children - Georgina, Bethany, Andrew, and Isabella - the couple has woven a vibrant family tapestry together. Their cherished home lies in the picturesque landscapes of Ibiza, Spain, where they continue to create precious memories and bask in the joys of togetherness.

Andy Taylor Duran Duran Net Worth

Andy Taylor is a celebrated guitarist. From his iconic tenure with Duran Duran to his solo endeavors, Taylor has cultivated a devoted fan base and attained remarkable achievements. By 2023, his estimated net worth stands at $20 million, predominantly garnered from his illustrious music career. His affiliation with Duran Duran translated into substantial earnings via album sales, electrifying tours, and lucrative music royalties. Taylor's solo ventures and collaborations further bolster his income, while his songwriting contributions continue to yield substantial royalties from Duran Duran's extensive catalog of hits. Beyond music, Taylor's potential involvement in entrepreneurial pursuits may also contribute to his wealth. Presently earning an annual income exceeding $1 million, Taylor is leading a lavish lifestyle, a testament to his triumphs as a musician, songwriter, and guitarist. 

Andy Taylor Health - Prostate Cancer

Andy Taylor, a handsome and tall guitarist standing at 1.75 m with a slim physique, once boasted dark brown hair that gracefully transformed into salt and pepper as he aged, complementing his brown eyes. Amidst his musical journey with Duran Duran, in 2022, he regrettably missed their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction due to a battle with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer, a diagnosis he had received four years prior. Though unable to attend, Taylor's poignant letter, subsequently shared on the band's website, unveiled his incurable yet not immediately life-threatening condition. Encouragingly, he revealed a newfound ray of hope – a pioneering treatment involving Lutetium-177, a targeted "nuclear medicine," which selectively targets cancer cells while sparing healthy ones. Having commenced this innovative therapy six weeks ago, Taylor joyfully reported its efficacy in annihilating stage four bone cancer, extending his life expectancy by a gratifying five years. Astonishingly, the revelation of Taylor's cancer journey was delayed by seven years since his initial diagnosis in 2015.

5 Facts About Andy Taylor Guitarist

1. Andy Taylor's Guitar Passion Ignites at 11

Andy Taylor's fervent passion for the guitar ignited at the age of 11, propelling him into the world of music. Swiftly immersing himself in his craft, he seamlessly integrated into local bands, demonstrating remarkable skill and dedication. Impressively, by the time he reached 16, Taylor had even ventured into production, showcasing his multifaceted talents. Fueling his artistic growth, he received invaluable guitar guidance from Dave Black, a member of the post-David Bowie iteration of the iconic Spiders from Mars, solidifying his musical journey.

2. He joined the band 'Duran Duran' in 1980

Joining the band in April 1980, Andy Taylor's pivotal role is acknowledged in shaping and evolving their early songs. Collaborating innovatively with Nick Rhodes, he skillfully wove his guitar prowess around the keyboardist's patterns, solidifying melodies, and transforming the band's amalgamation of punk, disco, and electronic elements into cohesive, structured masterpieces. Just seven months after finalizing their lineup, the band inked a deal with EMI Records in December 1980, swiftly followed by the release of their debut single "Planet Earth" and their eponymous first album in June 1981. By 1983, Duran Duran had achieved a global triumph.

3. He co-founded the website,

In November 2007, Andy Taylor co-founded alongside Sarah Eaglesfield, former Flightside vocalist and webmistress at, with the aim of providing a platform for unsigned artists to vend MP3s and merchandise, while retaining full profits and promoting their bands. A groundbreaking initiative, RockAffairs introduced an innovative profit-sharing program wherein 100% of listener signup income was equitably distributed among participating bands. However, in June 2008, Taylor passed the website's reins to Eaglesfield. In 2017, he retained ownership of RockAffairs Ltd in the UK. Notably, the platform celebrated its 10th anniversary with a special week of broadcasts in the summer of 2018.

4. He published an autobiography in 2008

In 2008, Andy Taylor penned his autobiography, "Wild Boy: My Life in Duran Duran," delving into his personal journey from his youth within an extended family to his life alongside his wife Tracey. The book provides an intimate glimpse behind the scenes of Duran Duran's ascent, offering a comprehensive exploration of the band's evolution album by album, as well as Taylor's solo ventures and collaborations. Addressing the band's iconic stature during the early MTV era, the autobiography also tackles the challenges posed by drugs and alcohol within Duran Duran's trajectory.

Andy Taylor with his wife, Tracey Wilson

5. He is a father to four children

Andy Taylor, a devoted father, proudly cherishes a family of six. In 2022, he celebrated his 40-year marriage to his wife Tracey, their abode gracing the picturesque landscapes of Ibiza, Spain. The couple's joy multiplies through their four children - Georgina, Bethany, Andrew, and Isabella - a testament to the enduring bonds of love and parenthood they share.