Ameerah Navalua

Ameerah Navalua

Ameerah Navalua
Quick Facts About Ameerah Navalua
Celebrated Name Ameerah Navalua
Age 20 years old
Nick Name Ameerah Navalua
Birth Name Ameerah Navalua
Birth Date 2003-10-24
Gender Female
Profession Youtuber
Birth Nation USA
Place of Birth Scottsdale, Maricopa County, Arizona
Nationality American
Ethnicity American-White
Father Israel Navalua
Mother Jeddah Navalua
Siblings Charlie, and Jamileh
Religion Christian
Net Worth $5 million
Salary Around $1 million
Source of Wealth YouTuber Career
Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 73 KG
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark Brown
Body Build/Type Average

Ameerah Navalua is an American YouTube sensation and prominent social media personality. She is famous for her vlogs that are showcased on her YouTube channel, "Just Ameerah." Her diverse content portfolio encompasses an array of engaging topics, spanning from life hacks, DIY tutorials, and exciting giveaways to humorous skits, fashion insights, heartwarming family tags, and captivating travel diaries. Beyond her individual success, Ameerah is also recognized as a vital member of the "Navalua Family" channel, where she collaborates with her parents and siblings, collectively creating entertaining and relatable content for their dedicated audience.

Ameerah Navalua Biography

Ameerah Navalua is an American YouTuber and online personality famous for being part of The Navalua Family. In addition to her role on the family's YouTube channel, she has her own channels called Just Ameerah and MoreAmeerah, with over 4.63 million and 1.5 million subscribers, respectively, propelling her to internet stardom.

Ameerah Navalua was born on October 24, 2003. She is from Scottsdale, Maricopa County, Arizona, United States. She holds American nationality and identifies with American-White ethnicity. She celebrated her 19th birthday as of 2022. She is part of the renowned Navalua Family, with her father, Israel Navalua, serving as the family patriarch, and her mother, Jeddah Navalua, a prominent YouTuber and the family's matriarch. Ameerah is part of a dynamic sibling trio, including her older brother Charlie Navalua, a YouTube star and social media personality, and her older sister Jamileh Navalua, who is also a YouTube star and social media personality. 

American Youtuber and Social Media Personality, Ameerah Navalua

Ameerah Navalua Career

Ameerah Navalua embarked on her YouTube journey at the tender age of 13, going by the moniker "Just Ameerah." Her inaugural video, "Annoying Public Restroom Moments," marked a resounding success, setting the stage for her thriving channel. Subsequent videos, such as 'DIY Pokemon PiƱata, easy, quick and awesome,' '100 oz OF SLIME + GIVEAWAY,' 'DIY Shrink Charms project,' and 'DIY Coloring book,' continued to captivate her growing audience. Ameerah's repertoire expanded to encompass a diverse range of content, including 'DIY HOT GLUE EMOJI Jewelry,' 'DIY FALL DECOR 2016,' 'DIY Halloween Snacks, last minute,' 'DIY Squishy phone case, stress ball phone case,' 'DIY puking smores buns,' and 'DIY GIANT JELLY FILLED DOUGHNUT.' 

Simultaneously, Ameerah ventured into fashion, inspiration, and family-tag videos, achieving remarkable success with offerings like 'Winter outfit ideas,' '9 WAYS On How to DEAL With a BULLY,' 'Siblings tag with Pie Face Challenge,' and 'BLINDFOLDED SLIME CHALLENGE,' garnering substantial views, likes, shares, and comments. Ameerah's commitment to content creation paid off, as her channel rapidly amassed 4.63 million subscribers as of 2023. 

Ameerah Navalua Net Worth In 2023

Ameerah Navalua, the prominent YouTuber and social media personality, has amassed an impressive net worth estimated at approximately $5 million in 2023. Her primary income stream is derived from her thriving YouTube channel, where she generates revenue through advertisements and sponsorships, contributing to an annual salary of around $1 million. Additionally, Ameerah bolsters her earnings through collaborations with fellow YouTubers and content creators, as well as lucrative brand sponsorships. She extends her entrepreneurial endeavors by selling slime and other merchandise on her channel. 

Ameerah has also endorsed and promoted various brands via her social media platforms, including Ivybycrafts, Barbie, Elmer's, Squeezamals, and more, further solidifying her fame and financial success. This affluence enables her to lead a lavish lifestyle commensurate with her accomplishments in the industry.

Ameerah Navalua Height

Ameerah Navalua is a beautiful lady with a charming personality and average body build. Standing at an impressive height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) and weighing 73 kg (161 lbs), she carries herself with grace. Ameerah's dark brown hair frames her features, complementing her captivating hazel eyes. She has got a healthy body as of now and she is fully conscious about her food intake. 

Facts About Ameerah Navalua

Ameerah started her YouTube journey in 2014

Ameerah embarked on her YouTube journey in 2014 when she established her channel, Just Ameerah, on December 17 of that year. Her first video, titled "ANNOYING PUBLIC RESTROOM MOMENTS | FUNNY SKIT," was uploaded on August 23, 2016. Over the years, her channel has garnered popularity with a series of engaging videos, including titles like "WHO CAN MAKE THE BEST SLIME RECREATION CHALLENGE!," "FIX THIS UGLY SLIME CHALLENGE!," "MAKE THIS SLIME PRETTY CHALLENGE!," "FIX THIS SLIME CHALLENGE! Make it the prettiest slime!," "MAKE THIS SLIME PRETTY CHALLENGE! PAUL VS JEDDAH!," "TURN THIS 2 YEAR OLD SLIME INTO A 1 DAY OLD SLIME CHALLENGE!," and "MAKE THIS GIANT UGLY SLIME PRETTY AGAIN!".

She is a member of "The Navalua Family" YouTube channel

Ameerah Navalua is an integral part of the "The Navalua Family" YouTube channel, where she collaborates with her siblings to create engaging and entertaining content for their audience. This dynamic channel showcases the camaraderie and adventures of Ameerah and her brothers and sisters, offering viewers a glimpse into their daily lives, fun challenges, and engaging family-oriented content. Through their collective efforts, "The Navalua Family" has built a dedicated following, and Ameerah's contributions to the channel have played a significant role in its popularity within the YouTube community.

She has appeared in some acting roles

Ameerah has ventured into the world of acting, earning recognition for her roles in various projects. Her acting credits include notable roles in productions like "Slime Wars," where her creative and charismatic persona likely shone through, as well as "Rules and Regulations," showcasing her versatility in front of the camera. Additionally, she's been credited for her part in "Steal My Heart Away," demonstrating her willingness to explore different facets of entertainment beyond her YouTube fame. 

She has described herself as a sugar addict 

Ameerah has openly described herself as a sugar addict, candidly acknowledging her penchant for sugary treats and her love for all things sweet. This honest self-assessment offers a relatable aspect of her personality to her followers, showcasing her authenticity and relatability as an internet personality.